Anyone know how to actually contact a Steam support employee?

Well was playing Steam games last night, woke up this AM and it’s been stolen. Tried to reset password, said my e0mail that I’ve used for over 10 years didn’t exist. So I went through a series of web site loops to try and reset, no luck. Then I sent in a form e-mail to restore/regain my account. It told me my e-mail needed to be verified before it would send, input the code they sent. It never came. Repeat.

Definitely stolen a friend told me I bought a new game and was playing it this AM. I didn’t.

So now I’m trying to actually contact someone from Steam, anyone. e-mails not working, not answering facebook and twitter messages/post. Can’t find a phone number, got to be a corporate number somewhere. Hell I call Gab himself. lol

Any ideas? Thx.

BTW No it is not in my spam folder. :wink:

The best I can find at first search is this

It looks like they’ll try to get you to provide payment info etc and other things that only you would have.

Thx, ya tried that… they send you a form e-mail to enter all that info. but then says my e-mail needs to be verified before it can be sent… input the code we just sent you to send… it never comes.

:frowning: - that sucks.

Not sure if real, but maybe this?

Could the email be compromised as well? If you have an alternative email address then perhaps try that?


Wow, that sucks Magnum

So sorry to hear that @Magnum50 hope it gets resolved

If it’s like what happened to my friend’s MineCraft account, the hacker will have changed the account email address so all those verification requests go back to the hacker.

To get that back, my friend had to submit his proof of purchase.

I would hope Steam can get this resolved quickly, as it’s not likely something new to have happened to someone.

And with 10+ years with steam, using the same e-mail account, and over 600+ games… I’d expect better customer service. Just saying. lol

and to think, I was just thinking about buying a new PC and getting back into PC game… now not so much. lol

Oh well, poop happens, I’ll wait. Thx all.


Phone number @fearlessfrog linked seems to be legit.



Well almost a week now with no response from Steam… but today, I will either ■■■■ off a bunch of people or finally get help.

I found the employee list at Valve… hate to be that kind of person but I copy/paste my story email to every single employee begging one to help me, even the man himself gabe. lol… 25 emails sent today. 5 voice mails left. lol


A interesting turn of events… I’m having a email conversation with my hacker, lol…

Russian Hacker:

Hi, I stole your Steam account.
I can give it to you for a symbolic $ 40.
If you are interested, please reply to this letter

My Reply:
■■■■ You… and I even like your country.
I don’t give into terrorist, not even online ones… I kill them.

Have you bought more than $ 10K worth of games and can’t pay the $ 40 ransom?
I respect your profession, but you can also respect my work XD.
If you change your mind, please reply to the message.

(He actually respects my career, and wants me to respect his outlaw life, lol)

My Reply:
Oh I was going to post a $100 reward for anyone who could get my account back, but there’s no way in hell I would pay a hacker 1 penny. You people are scum of the earth, what I would like to do if I could ever get my hands on you.

That said… I am impressed that your able to do this. I mean I have all these protections. I’d like to know how and why you do it, it’s not like you get my credit card info, or money from me, just my old online games. I’m just curios on why you do this. Instead of using your skill to make this world better.

oh well… and I really like Russia… great country. Hate hackers thou. all of them.

lol, hope he replies and explains himself… I’m really curious on why people do this.

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WTF Magnum? That’s infuriating !

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I’d almost want to pay him the $40 for his trouble and then turn that back on Valve for poor customer support.

“Yes, my account hacker provided me better customer service than you - faster, with less hassle and waste of my time.”

(I agree with your sentiment about not rewarding criminals entirely.)



using your skill to make this world better ?
And how can people like me do this when the average salary in my country is $ 500 a month. First I need to get food and an apartment, and then try to change the world.
Everyone survives as best they can, and you would not think of some great goal if you had nothing to EAT.

By the way, the $ 40 offer is still valid))

My reply:
True to a point… I would do anything to feed and care for my family. But only as a last resort would I steal from others.

If you can afford a computer to hack all these accounts… maybe your priorities are wrong. There is no excuse for what your doing.

and like I said, I was willing to pay 100 bucks for someone to help recover my account… you could do that for a living instead of stealing them.

You’ll get nothing from me. But you can do the right thing, and reset the email to the account to what you changed, and send me the password and I will recover it. or not.

Good luck in life.

OK, I’m done with him… was interesting thou.

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I’m with you not to pay extortionist, but also interested in how he got access to your account, from you, or has Steam had a breach? I’m assuming that you had 2FA enabled. Do you think that he has access to your gaming rig or did some sort of man in the middle attack? Hacked your phone’s SIM card? I would probably have done a foundational rebuild by now.

If you do get your account back don’t forget to safeguard it a bit more if you hadn’t already.

well I had that thing where any change and I would get a text with a code to input to make the change. and I manually type in my CC on purchases, so he never got money.

I was playing the night before, went to bed, woke up, PC asked me to enter password… it was wrong.

I had that.

With SteamGuard I wouldn’t think they’d brute force it but I would verify your email account is secure.