Anyone need a Phantom phix?

There there. You’ve come to the right place. Pull your chair a little closer, turn up the volume and behold the fearsome power and majesty. Snake and nape not included.


I’m at the office. I’m gonna have to wait and watch this tomorrow morning with my real speakers at home… Might be a great way to get Kai up for school…!

Wow! That was sexy!

The standard Ace Combat plane. I’ve grown so fond of this aircraft over the years, now I’m hoping for a DCS module for it. Heck, I’d like nothing more to see a full line up of third generation jet fighters!

Sigh. I would love to have it in DCSW, even with a bad AI backseater.
I love that plane. It looks big and mean, but the wings make it still somewhat graceful. Just perfect.
There are only very few planes that I’d like to have in DCSW that badly.

…but not going to happen I guess.

Flew up initial in fingertip with two Greek phantoms today :grinning:

I’ve been a phantom phanatic like crazy since I’ve been in Greece

Nice klarsnow! Good to hear sightings in the wild. Photos if you have time.

Miviz has 35% off (Code: SPRING35). I grabbed the bundle based on the fact that hell will freeze over before we’ll see one in DCS, and the reviews were quite good. I haven’t been home to install it yet, but looking through the repaints I see not 1, but 3 from my dad’s fighter wing.

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Yes, it’s pretty spectacular. I haven’t flown it enough to have an opinion on the FDE, because I don’t have my TM Warthog tuned for P3D yet, but I will say that it is fun to fly. The power is impressive, especially with both cans lit. The Wing CO at Seymour Johnson did a short cross country to KCLT :slight_smile:

Tis one sexy plane. A clear example how mooooooaaaaaaarrrrrrr power is a good thing. :grin:

Burners - on - now.

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Whoa! Good grief…flying those beasts in such close formation seems NUTS! Gloriously nuts!! That part at 3:34 had my stomach clenching…