Anyone speak Russian?

I’m hoping to work together with one of our Russian friends, to convert his Su-25 missions to English. It’s quite a lot of work - about 250 pages of briefings etc to be translated. I was offering to use Google translate combined with my military knowledge to write the stuff in English, but he would prefer someone who speaks both lingos to do it. We are looking for someone who would be prepared to help out.

There is also a lot of voice acting - 90 voice lines to be exact. I can do a few characters, but if anyone wants to jump in and help, you’d be more than welcome.


Google translation:

This is an experimental mission for a stormtrooper, the default is the Su-25, but you can replace it with any other aircraft by editing the mission.
In mission 23 tasks are issued in a random order, for one task takes 20-30 minutes.
The line of combat contact passes through the settlements:
Belokamenskoye - Tambukan - Etoko - Pyatigorsk - Urukhskaya - Copious.
Tasks are divided into 2 types - work on targets on the contact line and work on targets in the rear.

The mission implemented a dynamic briefing through the radio.
Tasks are issued at the airfield of Mineralnye Vody.

To get the job you must stop and stay in the green zone
(see attachments)

You can cancel some tasks (via radio).
These are tasks in which the player is invited to work on targets in the enemy’s rear.
Such tasks are noted in the briefing, you can cancel the task within 60 seconds.
Countdown begins immediately with the beginning of the dialogue.

Through the radio, you can watch the active task at any time.

There are 5 types of tasks in total, and one task is “surprise”:

  1. Attacks against settlements on the contact line - 11 randomly issued tasks.
    The attacks on these settlements are the main task, after the air strikes villages are stormed by tanks.
    The enemy groups are located in the settlements.
    All groups consist of 2 T-55, 3 MZA, 2 BMP-1, BRDM, and 2 trucks.
    The player must destroy 50% of this group.
    The peculiarity of these tasks is that they are performed by bots in parallel with the player.
    (These missions can not be canceled)

  2. Columns - 5 pieces, different composition, there are MZA in columns.
    Colonies start one after 30-40 minutes, in a random order. On one column 2-3 tasks are planned, but the player will be given (variatively) only one task per column.
    To complete the task successfully, you need to destroy the column completely.
    (These missions can be canceled)

  3. Warehouses - 6 pcs.
    The player will be given three different tasks to destroy the warehouse, ie from 6 warehouses will be selected 3. Warehouses reinforced, if you play on A-10C or another aircraft where there is no ammunition to destroy such a warehouse, you can replace them with something in the mission more easily destroyed.
    (These missions can be canceled)

  4. Command posts - 6 pieces, are issued as well as warehouses, only 2 of them will be chosen by the player. Command posts are also fortified, change them to other objects if your airplane does not have the appropriate ammunition.
    (These missions can be canceled)

  5. Camps of illegal armed groups - 4 camps.
    Of the 4 camps, 2 are randomly selected. To perform the task, you must destroy part of the group (infantry). The infantrymen are placed next to the tents, the technique is also part of the group.
    (These missions can be canceled)

  6. One task is a “surprise”, but in order for this task to fall out, one condition must be met and in addition there must be a certain balance of the remaining tasks. Condition does not prompt)
    (This mission can not be canceled)

Through the editor you can regulate the number of Stingers.
By default, randomly appears 3-5 calculations in random places (one calculation is the commander and the shooter). In total, 19 positions of MANPADS are provided for in the mission, they are located in the places where tasks are performed.
You can specify the number of Stingers in the “Flags” flip-flop.
Flag number 700 is set to the number from 1 to 19, set the desired values ​​of mines and max. Do not set the value to “0”, if you set it, then all MANPADS will appear.
In order to disable MANPADS there is a flag 770, set it to 0.
Disconnection may be necessary if you put yourself a plane not equipped with heat traps.

The mission is designed for a game without marks, units on the map should not be visible, and the marks of their aircraft should not be visible. But external species are included.
If you are very difficult to navigate, you can turn on the display of your aircraft on the map. This is due to the fact that there are tasks that are given with the expectation that the player finds goals by reference points.

90+ voiced phrases, 200+ units, 11 bots, about 700 flags, 950+ trigger lines, in triggers over 6000-8000 conditions and actions (very rough estimate), continuous game for 8-10 + hours.

Many thanks to the players for helping to create this mission!

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