Anyone using voice command software?

While cleaning up my home office today, I decided to stow the TM MFDs that haven’t been utilized much lately. That should simplify controller configs, free up a couple of USB ports, and remove clutter from the desktop.

My MFDs were primarily used to give orders or chat with AWACS and the tanker. Now that I most often fly in VR, the fewer physical space items that I need to interact with, the better. Not to mention that using voice command for radio functions would seem to be immersive.

Anyone been down this road and have something that they have found useful? I’ve just begun reading through the VAICOM 2.0 for VoiceAttack thread.

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I use voiceattack for Elite Dangerous.

Considering it for Il-2 as well to stop me having to remember so many buttons. Stuff like radiator flaps and all that. Only problem is when you’re trying to do lots of stuff fast like that you sound like a moron.

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Thanks Rhino. Yeah, I have most of the a/c functions on my Warthog, but ordering the flight to engage/cover/rejoin would be huge.

I use Voice Attack too. Bought it for Elite Dangerous too but went full bananas and now I do some mean Crew management in the DCS Huey with it. :smiley:
Couldn’t be happier.


I’m not sure that I want to see the full banana. No, not even the half banana.


I’m about 97% there with VAICOM and Voice Attack. The speech recognition training phase in Windows 10 kept pausing, I believe due to a noisy weed eater from a neighbor’s landscaping crew, but finally completed. It seems very accurate.

I’ve got some profiles imported and are recognized by VA, but getting radio channel errors. Checking for overlapping key commands and/or mission radio configuration.

At first I thought that VAICOM was an unnessessary complication, my simply wanting to replace some function key commands with voice. But upon further inspection of the profiles, it does have some really powerful programming capibility.

Got the F-15C working really well now, including using the MIC buttons on the Warthog throttle as they should, for VHF1, UHF, and VHF2. To get everything running with the latest verstions of Voice Attack with DCS 1.5.6 beta and 2.0.5 alpha, you need to apply this fix to the Static ATC mod required during install. Now on to the UH-1. Should be easy after working through the Eagle setup.

Here is a video demonstrating the F-15C implementation of VAICOM.

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