Anyone wanna fly ConcordeX with me?

Just got back into flight simming after long 1 year break!

I prefer to mainly fly CONCORDEX favorite aircraft !~ but i fly others also…

looking for someone that has CONCORDEX and be down to fly online like on fscloud etc and do live streams together even if they wanted ! I had to cut my old flight sim group off cause they were very toxic.

If u have concorde X and cant fly it . lol i am willing to teach u also ! let me know! if interested… whether u have CONCORDE X or concorde for xplane 11 and down ! lets do it ! JUST JOIN MY DISCORD

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Ah…too bad we don’t have @EinsteinEP around anymore (I miss that guy) - he was a huge fan of Concorde and really dove into flying it.


Welcome aboard AhadOC!

Being an X-Plane guy, I don’t have CorncordeX but I do have the Colimata Concorde FXP, which is more than deep enough for me. I really should sit down and learn it properly.


That makes two of us! I got the hang of it in the first release but haven’t been keeping up with the updates where they added a lot.

It certainly needed a lot of work when it was first released… but they certainly kept at it. The latest version has a 350 page manual evidently.

How do you Concorde pilots think the average flight simmer would do with the closed book cold and dark challenge? :grin:

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Lol, that smile at the end of your question is an answer in and of itself @chipwich.



Which begs a tangential question for you professionals, which do you prefer? Introducing fuel at 20% or the Phenom method to rotating the switch to Start? In other words, traditional or simple?

It wasn’t deep enough for me, so I went aead and bought MV Concordia…

…it is plenty deep! :grimacing: :wink:


The Admiral of Snark! :bowing_man:

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Anything that helps absolve me of making half a million dollar mistakes is a plus in my book…

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If you let this video run long enough, he will replicate all the works of William Shakespeare…or so they say. :sunglasses:


anyone with P3D ConcordeX OR XPLANE 11 CONCORDE! IM DOWN TO FLY together ! HELL YEAH!

Yes, i can do cold and dark start… but i gotta check manual… to do it atm… cause i havent flown concorde in over a year… but i just pulled a succesful flight from kjfk to EGLL in it and landed etc

lets fly G! join my discord ! we can talk n start from, there ! Discord


It’s not that I’m not interested but more a case of finding the time.