Anyone watching Aurora this evening? Massive solar storm activity

Unfortunately I’m a little too far south here in Texas…. Anyone take any photos?

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I debated doing some driving to see it, but even up by Dallas it’s mainly just a purple glow.

And I’m not quite far enough south here :stuck_out_tongue: Plus it has been solid overcast and/or rain for the past 24 hours.

But I did have an outage yesterday morning with connectivity (GEO satellite).

We’re visiting some friends in Reading, here’s some I took around midnight. Even with the light pollution you could see it. Shame we weren’t back home as we’re in a dark sky area.


While I am not seeing any glow with my Mk1 Eyeballs, my iPhone camera is definitely picking up a purple tint to the sky. Pretty neat.

Flying into Austin Executive Airport this evening we were unable to fly a LPV GPS approach because the WAAS signal was being interfered with. In fact we lost all vertical guidance for the approach and reverted to doing it the old fashioned way.


Very nice shots there @keets !

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Definitely a night I wish I’d had my actual camera with me instead of my iPhone.


That is an amazing shot. How far north were you?


Still pretty magical @boomerang10


I want to say that was near New York but we could see it as far south as Georgia.

Pretty wild, was my first time ever seeing it in person.

We had a clear view of a starlink train, as well, which I hadn’t seen in a while.


Media reported that we would be able to see it in my area. The local sky cam didn’t pick anything up. A few of my colleagues and I had eyes to the sky and still, no joy (not even through my camera phone). :cry:

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I was going to put up a drone, but have had overcast skies the last couple of nights. Is the event still going on?

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Dan, I think that the activity is calming down somewhat, but there is a possibility of seeing some aurora tonight, although obviously you would have a better chance if you were farther north.

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Thanks Paul. I live in the more sparsely populated burbs, so was hoping that if I put a good senor up to just under 400 AGL (max attitude allowed without a clearance) and point that thing north that I might get something. It’s not looking good though, KCHS 131740Z 1318/1418 16011KT P6SM VCSH BKN050 OVC200.

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The Aurora (Australis) should have been visible from my latitude but we had three days of solid overcast and/or rain Fri-Sun. Yesterday was clear as a bell so I thought I would hike to the top of the tallest hill at our place with my camera & tripod and wait until dark.

Just as dusk arrived, clouds started rolling in again :rage:

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We’re doomed. Solid overcast here. I’m not even going to charge batteries.

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Ah, a surefire way way to get clear skies! :wink: