Anyway to get G2, Buttkicker working without Voicemeeter Software?

Hey guys,

I am just going to make a seperate thread instead of clogging up the other Buttkicker thread.

In the thread it was mentioned I do not need to use Voicemeeter to get the Buttkicker working with my VR Headset.

So basically I am currently using a G2 VR Headset with a Soundblaster Z soundcard and a Buttkicker Simulation setup and Voicemeeter and SimShaker to get it all working together.

So as I see it this is not possible without using Voicemeeter in the mix as when using the G2 it switches the sound to the Headset and the SoundBlaster Z gets cut out and there is not butkicker effects. Voicemeeter allows me to run the G2 along with the Buttkicker at the same time.

Now I use the SimShaker software and tried using it without the Voicemeeter and I get No buttkicker effects, it just does not work.

Someone cam along and said do this that and the other thing at it will work, well I tried it and it did not.
So if someone knows how to get the G2, Buttkicker, SimShaker and DCS working without using a 3rd part program like Voicemeeter can you Please tell me how you did it…

I just don’t see it being possible as I tried several things mentioned in the other thread…

Thank you for looking hopefully this is possible as I am starting to hear the lag a bit in the Voicemeeter software playing DCS…


A little update: This is a post from Warpig to where I wrote in my bit at Update:

After using Voicemeeter Banana forever, and just putting up with the tiny but noticeable lag between an effect happening and feeling it (output), I finally got serious about trying to get an ASIO working to give me real 5.1 effects, and not just stereo (left/right). Long story short, if you have Realtek motherboard audio, there’s probably not an ASIO driver from Realtek that actually works.

However I revisited ASIO4ALL (probably the 3rd time I’ve tried to set it up), and finally figured out how to make it work. Maybe I’m the dumbest kid on the block, but I just didn’t get it. Install it, start Simshaker, then in the ASIO4ALL pop up, select your audio output. That’s it, it will work; I was making it too complicated.

Now, after uninstalling VoiceMeeter, abandoning my second USB sound card, hooking up my audio cables to the motherboard outputs for speaker, rear and center, I’ve got 4 separate audio channels for feedback.

And Simshaker knows what to do with them! It’s very nice, and effects are properly directed based on the origin of the feedback.
The best part is, and the reason I wanted to figure it out in the first place, is no perceptible lag ! None. You fire guns, or touch down, and the feedback is instant.

EDIT: this was a quote from Warpig in his thread he linked me from the other thread I am no clogging up with my dribble lol!!

Anyhow I will try the Asio4All driver again but I tried I guess it was the original Asio driver but will get the 4all and give it another go. I left this post of Warpigs here so I can look back on it without having to refind thatc other thread it was in…

Thank you Warpig I will give this a try…

Well as it turns out I needed to use the Asio4all, I used the original Asio which did not work. But I found out when using the Asio4all driver the bass output is in the headset and is too much for my eardrums to take and Only the sound effects from the SimShaker goto the Buttkicker so no other ingame sounds get to the Buttkicker outside of the SimShaker effects from what I could tell…

So while it was neat getting it too work without Voicemeeter I found it best for me to keep using Voicemeeter…

But it is nice to know there are other options that seem to do the job.

Thank you Warpig looks like it did work but I prefer the VM The lag is not that terrible from what I hear…


I can’t help much other than to say: when I first “plugged in” my seat about 6 years ago I used Voicemeter only. Quickly went on to Simshaker for Aviators et,al. All I recall was: VM once installed/configured, to windows, is just another sound output source - a “virtual” sound card if you will. And it has a way to “split” the output; one to my amp/transducer, one normal (headset). It worked as advertised. A good introduction to haptic feedback.

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No problem, I hope you can get it working in an ideal fashion soon! I know everyone’s set up is different, and audio cards and drivers are way above my head, so it’s definitely a struggle for me sometimes.

One reason that might be happening is that VM Banana halts and catches fire every time a new audio device is ‘plugged in’ or selected as default. When you start WMR for the G2, it automagically selects the G2 (called something like “Realtek USB 2.0” I think, I’m on the road and can’t look) as the default audio output (which you want to happen for headset sound). When it does, if you have VM up, you’ll see the audio devices at the top right turn red, and VM stops working.

The trick, is to either: start WMR, let it do it’s thing, and then start or restart VM:Banana (the whole thing, not just send it to the system tray); or right click on one of the red audio devices and re-select it.
This will cause it to rescan all of them and fix itself. They should all be white text when they’re ready and working. I had the same issue early on and it was a source of brief frustration for me too!

Ultimately, while VM is very powerful and a workable solution, the ASIO4ALL driver is the way, IMHO.

That’s weird and shouldn’t be happening. I think you should probably turn off all outputs in the ASIO4ALL tray except the one driving the buttkicker, and have the headset function normally without being affected by ASIO4ALL. I really wish I was home this week to take a look at my settings and help out.

That was my ultimately desired end-state. There are certain parts of feeding sound from the game into the transducer’s signals that I really liked (Viggen afterburner, other aircraft passing closely or starting up next to me, missiles exploding nearby, etc.), but it also adds a lot of weird artifacts to the output. For instance, extending or retracting a refueling probe is noisy, and even though I was filtering out all of the highs and only sending the lowest range of the bass, it would make it feel like something was coming apart in the sim. Or closing a canopy would result in a huge boom effect. The worst was feeling some radio transmissions! :rofl: So, in the end I decided to give up some of the ‘oh wow’ factor, just to have a clean signal from simshaker that I could interpret, instead of a jumbled mess.

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That’s probably the biggest :-1: for me with non-physics based output. Audio-only is still better than nothing - I really can’t ‘fly’ without this feedback anymore. Just feels, no pun intended, empty. The stall fx is the number one thing I ‘need’. As I, and others here, have said before, hopefully ED will incorp. this into the sim - to reduce the latency to near zero; over time you tend to notice a 0.1 second delay (depending on your rig).

Hey Guys,

I was tinkering with it just a bit ago and got it working like it should. I will try it like this for a while and see if I like it better then the way I was using it with all the sounds from the game and SS making the noise in the buttkicker…

No need to worry about the settings Warpig I think I got it like you said… I just had to disable the Soundcard that was selected 3 times in Asi4all…

thank you and hope this works better then with Voice Meeter…


Well it seems to be working the solution for me was to get the Asio4all driver not the orignal Asio Driver like I did use before which might work but it did not…

So use Asio4all and I don’t need to use Voicemeeter anymore altho I kinda got used to it… I will continue to use the Asio4all driver…

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