Anyway to tell that flaps have been blown off?

I was in the process of landing applying flaps as one should do. However, in the end the flaps on both side were missing. I had no Idea. Is there anyway to tell from looking at instruments that the are gone?

Also in the same landing a wheel was missing. I had a solid green light so I thought all was good. Is there anyway to check that a wheel is missing aswell?

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In real life you’d do a belly check, either by wingman or tower (low pass).


I guess you are out of luck if you are all alone :smiley:

In RL, is a situation like this–or even perhaps in normal ladings–another aircrew would likely do a visual check, if they were alive. I don’t think it is “cheating” to do a quick outer view check in situations like this.

BTW…have you ever landed whiteout being totally shot up? :grimacing:

IIRC that only accounts for the carriage leg extending correctly from the fuselage and locking in the extended position, it can’t possibly account for the state of the wheel.

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not yet im a flying bullet magnet

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