Apex Construct

From the store page there’s a demo now. Might check it out, but bow and arrow is just something WMR controllers seem to be just bad at, I guess because they get out of eyesite. :eyes:

Still, looks very pretty, and a good price.

Don’t forget the tendency to smack yourself in the face, I image WMR controllers are just as prone to that as the vive ones

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I tried shooting a bow in Skyrim VR, with Oculus controllers and using the realistic mode, and it worked great!
I shoot bows in real life and I must say it was remarkably close to real life.
My buddy (I was at his place trying VR, he bought a rift a while ago) didn’t hit anything. But then he isn’t an archer in real life. :slight_smile:

Oculus and Vive work better for drawing a bow because they use outside-in tracking, where the sensors can see the hand controllers. WMR uses cameras on the headset for inside-out, so if the controllers go out of wide view of the headset cameras then the software has to guess based on accelerometers etc. Drawing a bow to your cheek just makes it out of the headset view, so can be a bit hairy sometimes. It’s pros and cons, as WMR doesn’t require any wires or setting up external sensors, and works great for desktop/sit games (plus is easier to move rooms if you want stand-up, walk-around stuff).

I’ll try this game tonight, as some compensate for positioning a bit, even if it is a bit less realistic.

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I played through the demo and thought it was pretty good. Thoughts:

  • A sort of TF2 art style. Good graphics, maybe a bit like Obduction, which I liked.

  • Controls default to Vive’s on SteamVR. Just use the WMR pads or remap in SteamVR. The bow and arrow stuff worked fine. Can play seated if lazy, plus aim the bow isn’t a lot like the real thing.

  • Demo is only 500MB and about 10 minutes long, had a ‘Talos’ god guy talk you through it. Just a bit light ‘plug this thing in’ puzzles and some robot shooting with aforementioned bow. Neat.