Apex Legends

Free to play squad based (3 people) battle royal-athon. Similar to Titanfall, as same developers. 25 million players so far.

Played a bit, good fun. Managed to get a 2nd place once just by hiding (lol out of 60 people servers). After a few rounds got zero kills, as map and weapon knowledge is king. Classes are ok (a bit more Overwatchy rather than CSGO) and the upgrade cosmetics not that annoying.

I can picture @Rhinosaurus, @adlabs6 and @saghen enjoying it, once the meta and map is figured out. Worth a go.

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My problem is I can’t stand the battle royale thing. Also 3 player is a pain for our group normally.

I tend to agree, but it’s so populated that when dead joining another game is pretty much instant, so easy just to treat as a free shooter.

If you get a squad that works together, doesn’t just headless chicken run it and can spell the word ‘tactics’ then you’ll be in the 95th percentile. :slight_smile:

I for one really like it.
And LFG-ing up is not a pain.
I only met surprisingly positively-driven players.

The Ping System is simply the best too.

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