Apollo 11 'disaster' video

Interesting and disturbing at the same time.

“Trust no one”
-Fox Muldar

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We cannot except “trust no one” as a defense. The future that bad actors desire is not to make people believe that a particular thing happened but rather that nothing is to be trusted; good is bad and bad is bad. They will want us to stay home, stay uninformed and stay uninvolved. We will have to come up with a better defense than to “trust no one”.


They did write a failure speech, though… Don’t know if that’s the one ”Nixon” is ”reading” in that vid?

Know who you can trust?

Almost all of the collective knowledge is available to us, but the problem is that most of it is biased. Who’s bias is the right one? Is it possible to be entirely unbiased?

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Good question. My best answer: your instincts, based on your experience - memory. “They” hate people that have a memory - like, they thought I wouldn’t notice when they made Hersey Bars thinner. Same width & height, but 1/2 the thickness. Same price too, at least for a little while.

Oh, and no one that is trying to, a) get your money, or b) get your vote.

If I was running for Prez my slogan might be: “I’ll do my best to pizz off everyone equally, just a little”. Would be an improvement.


Actually, I was referring to the video they made. Yes, the speech was written - in case, but Nixon never recorded the speech. Sure looked authentic though.

And yeah, I’m skeptical of what I read on news sites. Especially when most folks in the world use the same search engine (google). Who’s to say what they filter or promote.

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When I was a union rep we used to say that the best result we could hope for in a negotiation is that both parties are equally peed off… :wink:

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Yep. :+1:


We use a saying that says basically the same: “A compromise is when everyone is unhappy”

As for Nixon:
Yes, the speech is real, it has been known for quite some years now. It is true though that it was never recorded. It was to be held on live TV in case the guys don’t make it back.

This fake is very impressive. And yes, it is disconcerting for those who still care.
It may take a lot of work but there are people who can do it, and it basically means that videos can in many cases not be taken as evidence anymore.

But then: when has evidence ever stopped something?
In fact I’d say that evidence becomes more and more unnecessary as justification for action. Everything is based on opinion.
You don’t like the facts you see on TV? Switch to another station and you will get alternative facts.

Slightly political example, please remove if reported:
Nowadays the US (or anyone else, this is just a well documented example) wouldn’t even do stuff like back when they sent Mr. Powell to lie in front of the UN, and present fake/misleading pictures. They would only claim they know and it would be enough.

Anyway, back to technology.
Of course it is easier with low picture quality. The technology still has its limits. Remember how they included the young Carrie Fisher and the long-dead Peter Cushing in Star Wars: Rogue One?
That movie was created by world leaders in CGI and both characters were far from perfect (Leia is way worse than Tarkin IMO since her geometry is off. Actually some random deep fake dudes made a better young Leia scene some time later). But the reason why they looked so fake was that they were shown in high resolution, close-up shots. If they had shown them from a bit further away and/or lower resolution then the audience wouldn’t be able to notice. My wife didn’t see Rogue One in the cinema and doesn’t care for Star Wars. When we watched the movie on Blu-ray on our (not too great) TV I paused the movie after the Tarkin scene and she legit hadn’t noticed anything unusual in that scene. But many viewers (even those who were not aware of the facts) did notice that there was something weird about Tarkin.
So even with today’s tech a blurry facebook video is way easier to fake than something of a higher quality.
The conclusion probably is: if you see a high quality video and you have another video of the same event that has also high quality, and it is a very recent event, then the video is a lot more likely to be real. Good fakes take an immense amount of effort.

Yeah, I think the bottom line is: Critical Thinking skills are dead, or dying. Again :slight_smile:

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