Apollo 11 IMAX - March 1 2019

Ooh, that’s an instant purchase.

The trailer footage (from first-time ever fully restored film) looks fantastic:


Yeah…definitely going to see this…

I think US only, from what I can work out. A short bit of I-5 for me.


Back when space travel captured the imagination of the entire population and not just a select few.


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We are living in a globalized world. Why don’t they understand that…

Not sure why, but it seems to be on IMAX here in Canada for an entire run of 1 day only, so off tonight with the kids. Really looking forward to it.


My review for future googlers, if there’s a rerun or something.

  • It was fantastic.

  • For a documentary it took the unusual step of having zero narration. No talk overs, just some simple graphics to introduce a scene (usually just a timeline or a short animation of what stage the mission was at) and then just pure comms, radio or TV audio snippets from the time. Worked amazing well. No talking heads or modern retelling, just pure visuals and good editing. A lot of the stages also had a small velocity and such read-out in the bottom right, which worked great during the burns. Unintrusive but still story telling.

  • No quick cuts, just lots of long adoring scenes that dwelled on a topic without a rush to cut away. Worked really well. The only real editing trick was a few split-screens during key mission parts, but that worked great as it was usually CAPCOM and crew being seen on left / right, so the audio lined up. One especially fantastic shot was an unbroken scene showing the Eagle (Lander) filming below it itself all the way down to the landing without jump cuts or other nonsense. It was gloriously slow paced and exactly what I wanted.

  • Despite pure equipment/vehicle longingly loving technical shots, the people side came out well. They chose clips that humanized the crews (‘I’ll try not to lock the lander door on the way out Neil’, ‘Roger, we’re number 1 for take off’) and that worked nicely. A few laughs even during the 1h 30m.

  • Worth it for IMAX money. Lots of big big scenes. That Saturn V on the launch pad was a beast, with lots of new very high definition shots of it groaning away ready to go. NASA had the best germans by far. :slight_smile:

  • The restoration of a lot of the 16mm film was very well done. Even on a IMAX screen it seemed like modern HD footage. I know Peter Jackson did some amazing things with WWI footage, but this worked very well too.

I basically I spent an hour and a half grinning like an idiot. Recommended.


CNN is playing this now. It’s just as FF described. Incredible.

A must see. Look for re-plays.

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Google TV tells me that it will air again on CNN Mon, Jun 24, 12:48 AM. I am assuming EDT, so that would be tonight.

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It’s finally getting a cinema release in Australia, just need to stock up on this first.


I wasn’t really tracking the Bluray release of the film (don’t tend to buy as many nowadays with all the unwatched Hulu/HBO/Netflix stuff), but this seems like a wise investment:


I got a couple of packages of that freezedried icecream. It’s quite good!
Although NASA never used it :slight_smile:

Going to buy that.

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I don’t make many film purchases, but I’m leaning away from buying Bluray these days simply because I find them clunky in terms of playability. After having to watch Back to the Future 3 :grimacing: over three nights, I calculated I must have spent 15 minutes all up waiting for unskippable language options/Bluray promo/menus/chapter selection to load, and it doesn’t add any value. The best home movie experience I’ve had recently was a :pirate_flag: copy of ET - dropped it in the player, and the movie began to play, (good quality too, even for a projector).
First world problems, heyyy

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I guess it doesn’t go well with all that Tang.

Speaking of Tang, this is an interesting alternative perspective.

I got tickets for the single show in Berlin’s IMAX.