April 1, F-86F Sabre Final release and discount pack

April 1,l Newsletter, F-86F Sabre Final release and discount pack F-86F + NTTR, Mig-15Bis + NTTR



Final Release of DCS: F-86F Sabre

Belsimtek and The Fighter Collection are pleased to announce that DCS: F-86F Sabre has left beta and updated to release status today. Although the module is now feature complete, we will of course continue to tune the aircraft and fix any bugs that may arise.

Purchase from: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/sabre/

DCS: F-86F Sabre is a highly realistic simulation of the legendary American single-seat fighter jet F-86 Sabre, developed by North American Aviation. With more than 9,800 airframes of all versions built, the “Sabrejet” is the most-produced U.S. jet fighter in history. The aircraft took part in air-to-air combat, strike missions and surveillance. In addition to these roles, the F-86F Sabre was also used as a target drone and as a test bed for systems and weaponry. The aircraft became known to the public as the “MiG Killer” during the Korean War in the early 1950s. The F-86 was supplied to more than 30 countries and stayed in operational service until the early 1970’s. The different versions of the Sabre scored more than 900 aerial combat victories – more than any other jet fighter! The F-86F-35, the model simulated in DCS: F-86F Sabre, belongs to one of the latest series of the “F” modifications, and carries the sophisticated A-4 gunsight. Its armament includes six 12.7-mm M3 Browning machine guns, up to two 500-pound AN-M64 or 750-pound M117 bombs, up to 16 5” HVAR rockets and two GAR-8 air-to-air missiles.

Since July 2014, when the Open Beta version of DCS: F-86F Sabre was offered for download, Belsimtek has undertaken great efforts to further improve the module. Since then, DCS: F-86F has received numerous improvements and is now much closer to the real F-86F-35! Our thanks go out to the enthusiasts – fans of this aircraft, who were directly involved in parts of the development process –, Belsimtek was able to take the DCS: F-86F Sabre to a whole new level. In particular, a lot of research went into recreating the original cockpit and associated systems to be much more accurate. In addition, a highly detailed 360+ page flight manual and nine training missions (the English missions will all receive voice-overs in the near future) are included. The flight dynamics were further developed and tuned so that now even advanced and critical regimes such as stall and spin are fully realistic. Using the original full technical documentation of the real F-86F Sabre during the development process, it was possible for the engine model and the flight dynamics to reach a very high level of accordance with the real flight characteristics of the aircraft.

The installation package includes both a quickstart and a full flight manual, in-game training missions in English and Russian language, and single combat missions. The quickstart manual enables the player to quickly learn basic procedures like take-off, landing and weapon usage without the need to delve deep into the full flight manual from the beginning.

Key Features of DCS: F-86F Sabre:
Unmatched flight physics that allow you to truly feel what it’s like to fly this legend of the Korean War
Highly detailed, six-degrees-of-freedom (6 DOF) cockpit
Interact with cockpit controls with your mouse and other input devices
Accurate F-86F Sabre model, country markings, and weapons
Detailed modelling of the F-86F Sabre instruments, weapons, engine, radios, fuel, oxygen and electrical systems
Battle DCS: MiG-15bis in single and multiplayer games

Weekend Bundle Deals

This weekend we have a couple of bundle deals that include the DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range map with both the F-86F and its nemesis the MiG-15bis.

DCS: F-86F Sabre + DCS: NEVADA Test and Training range map for $75.00 USD
DCS: MiG-15bis + DCS: NEVADA Test and Training range map for $75.00 USD


Have a wonderful Sabre weekend,
Eagle Dynamics[/quote]

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DCS: World 1.5.3 Beta Update 3 available


[quote]DCS 1.5.3 Update 3 in the Open Beta today.

DCS World
Spanish names added for the airfields
Corrected gun strafing of AI for some cases
Corrected of AI group ship attack

DCS Ka-50
Damaging the right side will not always causes both hydros to fail.

Corrected input of speedbrakes in Game Mode (Easy Avionics)
Added M-117 bombs
Control stick gun trigger will have two-stage
Added corrected flight manuals EN and RU
Added training missions
Landing gear emergency implemented

DCS Hawk by VEAO
Updated cockpit textures – Set High, Medium or Low in Options, Special, Hawk tab. (High – 4096, Medium – 2048, Low 1024)

Engine failure trigger corrected

Fixed bug that cause server crash when client takes Stinger SAM[/quote]

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RAZBAM M-2000C Changelog:

  • Added ECLAIR pod (not yet fully functional)
  • Added electrical power distribution network
  • Added electrical power damage handler
  • Added M-2000C options section
  • Added canopy jettison lever
  • Added QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) power switch
  • Added nozzle efficiency loss calculations for non-ideal nozzle positions
  • Added emergency engine control logic for nozzle
  • Added separate bindings for flashlight and panel lights toggle
  • Added separate braking power logic between all wheels (full brake) vs. just main wheels (half brake)
  • Added rearm functionality for parachute (may change after ECLAIR implemented, ECLAIR incompatible with parachute)
  • Added animation for canopy lever
  • Added cannon safety switch
  • Added radio repeater lights
  • Updated electrical system (more like completely rebuilt), still WIP
  • Updated gear suspension behavior to react more like reference videos
  • Updated direct control algorithm
  • Updated aero performance based on acceleration timing
  • Updated and increased braking power to correct values
  • Updated anti-skid logic for much better landing, takeoff, and taxi control
  • Updated control effectiveness tuning for more edge conditions
  • Updated autopilot behavior for correct logic (need to update manual for new behavior)
  • Updated drag calculations at high alpha/pitch rate
  • Updated weight-on-wheels (WoW) sensor logic
  • Updated FBW sensor parameters
  • Updated device initialization priority
  • Updated cockpit model and textures
  • Updated collision model
  • Fixed canopy lever getting into awkward and uncomfortable situations
  • Fixed AI no longer has landing lights on through gear when gear goes up
  • Fixed automatically leaving APP mode to show Jx (chevron) when touching down after landing
  • Fixed doubled mass consumption rate in external wing tanks
  • Fixed strobe light timing
  • Fixed duplicate binding for navigation and formation lights
  • Fixed navigation light toggle functionality
  • Fixed VTB roll indicator only going half of roll
  • Fixed clock to show correct GMT time
  • Fixed AI SFM fuel consumption
  • Fixed wheel brake axis only using 50% of values
  • Fixed wheel brake instability and steering issues
  • Fixed uncommanded pitch up behavior off takeoff or in steep climb
  • Fixed uncommanded pitch behavior in high roll rate
  • Fixed direct control behavior to reduce control sluggishness
  • Fixed fuel bingo interpreted incorrectly at low commanded values
  • Fixed select altitude autopilot behavior and interpretation of commanded values
  • Fixed on-ground engine RPM
  • Fixed N dial readability issues
  • Fixed some switch covers intersecting switches
  • Fixed cockpit pressure gauge using incorrect parameter
  • Fixed reference wing area for SFM (AI)
  • Fixed nozzle position logic for correct behavior
  • Fixed wrong limit on VOR/ILS frequency
  • Fixed SEC CALC switch model
  • Fixed annunciator panel label from TRN to TR
  • Fixed emergency throttle model

I am getting excited for Razbam and whatever modules they are working on next. Based on the speed, consistency and breadth of their fixes and updates, it seems as if they are getting a real feel for developing for DCS. I am very optimistic for the dividends.


RazBam isnt new like VEAO and AvioDev, they know their stuff and how to interact w/ customer base.

other 3rd parties, are still fresh yet…

Also, regarding F-86F< I should have 15 or so Liveries done within a week-ish.


Dang…those are some nice skins @SkateZilla . I still haven’t bought the F-86 / MiG-15 yet… That era isn’t totally my cup o’ tea…but they look awesome. Still hoping the Hawk and C-101CC get moving along very soon - those two are my kind of aircraft (I know - boring to some…but I like them…)