April 15, DCS: W 2.0.2 update and Newsletter

2.0.2 update incoming

[quote]DCS 2.0.2 Changelog that will be published today.

DCS World
Spanish names added for the airfields
Corrected gun strafing of AI for some cases
Corrected of AI group ship attack
Triggered messages will not stay in middle part of screen after radio menu has been disappeared
Fixed crash after recovering player’s aircraft
Issue with appearing of briefing images from previous mission fixed
3rd parties radar detect late activation aircraft before they are activated fixed
MP. Added Input adjustment panel
ME. Fog Thickness slider restored
Player aircraft will not explode when reach negative altitude
IR missile will lock illumination munitions
Simulation will not be affected by key commands during adjusting procedure into an input adjusting game panel
ATGM BGM-71E. Tuned performance. Max range about 3800m, motor time 1.5 sec, life time 23 sec.
SA-15, Tor SAM. Increased max range param at low altitude.
Added SF DRM panel call button in the module manager

Corrected input of speedbrakes in Game Mode (Easy Avionics)
Added M-117 bombs
Control stick gun trigger will have two-stage
Added corrected flight manuals EN and RU
Added training missions
Landing gear emergency implemented
Corrected Hellenic Air Force skins
Guns heating and cooling adjusted
Input presets for “SideWinder FFB 2” fixed
Landing gear indicators corrected
AN/ARN-6 Radio Compass Panel corrected
Throttle and wing flaps lever corrected
Added parking brake
Added missing “0” position to Mach meter
Airspeed indicator errors fixed
Input for manual ranging control corrected
Mach number indicator needle movement corrected
Added clickable and input for G-Limit Indicator Light
Added input for warning and emergency switches on oxygen panel
Added M-117 bomb

DCS Bf 109 K-4
Synced radiator flaps of clients in MP
Canopy will be opened after repair
The weight of MW50 mixture will be accounting in the aircraft weight

DCS Fw 190 D-9
The weight of MW50 mixture will be accounting in the aircraft weight

Su-25. Misaligned the reticle of gunsight and actual aim point is fixed
F-15C. Aircraft centreline symbol on HUD corrected
MiG-29. G/AoA limit sounds corrected
Su-25. Corrected Mode switch on the stick
Su-27. Added airframe damage by high overloads
F-15C. Occasionally hang-up during mission loading fixed

DCS MiG-15bis
Added padlock

DCS L-39
L-39ZA: Radio button on throttle will clickable
Corrected views during ejecting sequence
Corrected flaps animation
Flaps position indication in the status bar corrected

Engine failure trigger corrected
Cargo rope will appears correct for new client
Option “Mirrors” added

DCS Ka-50
Damaging the right side will not always causes both hydros to fail
Shkval TV will be affected by candle (illumination) munitions
Added Russian localisation to Republic campaign

Fixed missing recoil on right minigun

Fixed bug that cause server crash when client takes Stinger SAM

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
Rear canopy works correctly now.
Toe brakes animation added.
Rear pilot head animation corrected, now reacts correctly to turns.
Added RU localization.
Added RU missions.
Several localization issues corrected.
Mirror mechanism corrected.

DCS Hawk T.1 by VEAO
Updated cockpit textures – Set High, Medium or Low in Options, Special, Hawk tab.
(High – 4096, Medium – 2048, Low 1024)
EFM fully integrated.
Set wheel brake left and right in Axis options - Nose wheel steering has been removed.
Toe brakes and rudder pedals animated.
Parking brake added.
Trim can be set using keyboard, joystick or using the switches in cockpit.
Rudder and aileron trim gauges animated.
Brake pressure gauges animated.
Keyboard control inputs working - throttle, pitch, roll and yaw.
Oxygen hypoxia effect tweaked.
Anti-skid function added – default operation is off until entering runway.
Pitot heat function updated.
Standby (emergency) brake and flaps functions added.
Visual buffeting added for stall and over-speed.
Low level high speed ground effect added (wind must be set in mission) EFM damage model implemented; when aircraft section destroyed, EFM is affected.
Aircraft no longer hovers above ground when gears damaged.
Auto-start sequence (Left Win+Home) updated to remove rotation light.
Auto-stop sequence (Left Win+End) updated.
Auto-start/stop sequence added to joystick assignments (under cheat section).
Updated cockpit textures High/Medium/Low. Set your preferred level in Options, Special, Hawk tab.
Radios partially functional; Ground crew and UHF AM New cockpit sounds.
New engine sounds.
Additional bugs no doubt introduced.
Aim-9M LAU-7 pylon added. Mission designers need to update their missions for this change.
Sidewinder tone for seek and lock now working.
Aden gun pod added, UPK removed. Mission designers need to update their missions for this change.
Single and Quickstart Missions updated for Aden.
Gun switch “on” will now open the gun switch cover on the joystick.
Weapons panel hot or missile panel hot will open fire button cover on joystick.
Air start option – Weapons now armed.
F2 view; flaps and RPM indicator now working.
Kneeboard joystick assignment for mark position and page changes fixed.
Detached Det cord showing inside of canopy now removed.
Training Start-up mission updated for EFM functions.
Safety pins removed by default.
Backlighting on main panel altered.
Engine Start/Re-light button clickable added to throttle model in-sim (click to start GTS).
Updated click spots to move with throttle movement.
Various texture label updates in cockpit.[/quote]



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EDIT: Nevermind. I see this is DCS World 2

Newsletter DCS: World April, 15


Weekend Bundles Deals

This weekend we offer two new bundles deals that are focused on DCS: P-51D Mustang:
DCS: P-51D Mustang + DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range map for $59.99 USD.
DCS: P-51D Mustang + DCS: Fw 190 D-9 Dora for $59.99 USD.

This deal will start on 15 April 2016 at 1500 GMT and last until 17 April 2016 at 0900 GMT.

Special Offers

DCS: Spitfire LF Mk.IX Update

Work continues on the Spitfire LF Mk.IX at a rapid pace! This week we integrated the long-awaited RAF pilot to the cockpit.

Primary development on the flight dynamics is nearing completion and we believe you will be very happy with the results. We think it is our best work yet. Our efforts are now moving to the Hispano-Suiza HS.404 20 mm-caliber automatic cannons. These will include realistic ballistics for all main ammunition types used during WWII.

DCS World 2.0.2 Update

Today we will release the next update to DCS World 2.0, version 2.0.2. This will include all the new changes from DCS World 1.5.3 and some new fixes you can review here.[/quote]


Oo, shiny new options screen today too.

Now to try that Hawk again…

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Took a Huey for a quick free flight, worked ok.

Chose the Hawk Day Free Flight over Nevada and it locks up. I thought it might be the new textures defaulting to high, but it sort of locks up on Medium too. When the pause menu is brought up it seems ok, so not sure what is going on. Disappointing though.

EDIT: Same lock up in a blank mission too. Hmm odd.

Looks like a snafu, but it looks like others are reporting similar things so I’d bet a patch is inbound:


If you haven’t already updated to 2.0.2 for the Hawk then my advice would be to wait a bit till this gets sorted out.

EDIT2 : A fix is on the way, cool.

ED has found an issue with the starforce protection and are currently testing a new build.
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Whoa! :smiley:

It’s official. We wait:

"The 2.0.2 version has a high CPU usage problem. We are working on a fix. Please do not update to this version a while.

Sorry for the inconvenience."

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Such is the life of an alpha.

Yeah. I shrugged, loaded up 1.5.3 and practised the M2000C and the F-15 there, to be ready for the Fly-in. :slight_smile:

Looks like 2.0.2 is back on the menu.

Corrected DCS is published already.

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…and the Hawk works. The cockpit looks nice with the new textures too. It stalls nicely, so the EFM is there for sure.

One odd thing is that VEAO don’t allow HOTAS button assignments to left/right brakes (only keyboard presses or pedal axis) and as I haven’t got pedals at work then it makes taxiing fun - no more nose wheel steering I think.

Edit: Reported it and it’s going to be fixed. All hail the internet! :slight_smile:

I’m sad to hear you and other fellow X-55 owners cannot use differential brakes. So sad in fact I made a handful of profiles that should allow for SOME differential braking. You can find them here

hope it’s useful :slight_smile:

EDIT: Link to new location

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Very nice - thanks!

I think Ellis indicated it would be fixed, but what you did with the bands is actually nicer. Cool. :a6:


I need a new job. Both @BeachAV8R and @fearlessfrog get to play DCS at work while I get to manage Powerpoint and Project. :anguished:


A job like?

One that let’s you have a Tornado all for you?( with a retired Navigator- Lt.Col that flies the back seat?)

Or a Typhoon would suit you better?

Not only you would have pedals with differential brakes but the rest of the cockpit doesn’t look half bad.

Sorry, I simply had to do that.


bonus advantage of not needing a head tracking device or VR glasses either.

Not to mention not having to redo your keybinds after an update!



Yup. :wink:

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