April, 8 DCS: World Newsleter


That is a nice set of progress! Looking forward to these releases!

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I’m intrigued by the engine updates going for Normandy.

Marston Mats?
Peaceable airfields?

That’ll be extremely interesting for the Russians and a certain RAZBAM attack aircraft if they’re able to pull it off.


DCS: World Update 3 release, CV1 1.3 Oculus rift support.

[quote]DCS 1.5.3 Update 3 will be pushed to public today.

DCS World
Spanish names added for the airfields
Corrected gun strafing of AI for some cases
Corrected of AI group ship attack
Added russian translaion of Ka-50 Republic campaign
Triggered messages will not stay in middle part of screen after radio menu has been disappeared
Fixed crash after recovering player’s aircraft
Issue with appearing of briefing images from previous mission fixed
3rd parties radar detect late activation aircraft before they are activated fixed
Added Oculus 1.3 SDK suppport for CV1 Rift

DCS Ka-50
Damaging the right side will not always causes both hydros to fail
Shkval TV will be affected by candle (illumination) munitions
Added Russian localisation to Republic campaign

Corrected input of speedbrakes in Game Mode (Easy Avionics)
Added M-117 bombs
Control stick gun trigger will have two-stage
Added corrected flight manuals EN and RU
Added training missions
Landing gear emergency implemented
Corrected Hellenic Air Force skins
Guns heating and cooling adjusted
Input presets for “SideWinder FFB 2” fixed

Su-27. Extreme G-loads will lead to destruction of airframe
Su-25. Misaligned the reticle of gunsight and actual aim point is fixed

DCS Hawk by VEAO
Updated cockpit textures – Set High, Medium or Low in Options, Special, Hawk tab. (High – 4096, Medium – 2048, Low 1024)

Engine failure trigger corrected
Cargo rope will appears correct for new client

Fixed bug that cause server crash when client takes Stinger SAM

DCS L-39
L-39ZA: Radio button on throttle will clickable
Corrected views during ejecting sequence
Corrected flaps animation

Fixed missing recoil on right minigun[/quote]


Im interested to see what their new pneumatic system entails.

I want my 109K underwing pylons.