April Fly-In Issues Reports

Continuing the discussion from Mudspike DCS World Fly-In, April 15-17:

Hey, @SkateZilla,
You wanted to know if any issues (aka problems) show up during the Fly-In. I have a couple to list - I’ll put them in different posts in this thread.

Mission Editor, events/triggers - is the Condition of Part Of Coalition Out Of Zone broken? DCS Forum report here.

Combined Arms in Multiplayer - the Briefing screen is blank. Also, JTAC slots are shown with the description of ‘Forward Observer’.

On my server, Hollo Pointe, Exiting out of the DCS game always results in a ‘DCS Stopped Working’ message. The server is running with an autoexec.cfg -

options.graphics.maxfps = 30
options.graphics.render3D = false
if not net then net = {} end
net.download_speed = 10241024
net.upload_speed = 256

And the graphics card is an older GTX 550 Ti.