Archangel: Hellfire (VR)

The multiplayer went free to play, so I might check it out - VR seems ideal for a big ol Mech. :mech: :vr:

Demo from here:

Strictly VR?

I believe so, yes. It really relies on the hand controllers (Touch/Wands) as well, in that ‘grab levers’ sort of way.



tell me more wink wink nudge nudge

Well, it’s the story of when an owner of a huge social network ad platform with too much money and a tech guy with no problematic morality issues love each other very much… :baby:

Played it a bit. Thoughts:

  • You need a strong stomach, as lots of ‘press joystick to move forward’ in VR. Does have snap turning though.

  • Mech’s feel quite light, as I leapt around shooting widely I didn’t feel like a giant robot. :robot:

  • Not a lot of people playing, so took a while to matchmake a 2vs2 deathmatch.

  • The strategy seemed to consist of just trying to get behind the enemy, as the back doesn’t have a shield. Either than or hiding in canyons and trying to be all stealthy.

  • Graphics, audio all pretty good. Unreal engine again.

  • The ‘tutorial’ was a slide show of images with ‘press left to go left’. The first time I actually sat in the Mech was in the Player vs Player deathmatch. We didn’t win.

If you like Mech’s then it’s a good price for a EA title. Maybe the single player campaign is good?

That did not sell it for me lol.

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