Are any of these SSDs a good deal?

Thinking about popping in on the way home. What do y’all think?

The 850 EVO 500GB looks like a decent deal. I wouldn’t bother with less than a 500GB SSD nowadays as games are so big.

You can use sites like pcpartpicker just to do a quick price comparison check, e.g.

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Thanks. Nice tool to use. Will be getting.

I picked up the 850 evo 500 gb. If my operating system is already on a separate SSD, can I just drag and drop the stuff from my current HDD? And is there any prudence to messing with Raid settings, or is that from a computing world past?

For docs and files and stuff, yes. For games, they often have their install locations in things like config files and the registry, so can’t just be dragged. For Steam games you can use the Steam client to make a quick local backup, uninstall, and restore the backup to the new drive. Without Steam backup you can also do a ‘copy game directory somewhere’, uninstall, install to new location, pause download, copy files back, unpause download and let it catch up - that way can be quicker than the backup as it doesn’t compress/package the files.

For RAID, it is really about the two things of redundancy (so you don’t lose stuff if one of two or more drives goes down in an ‘array’) and/or disk read access speed. For the speed aspect and SSDs it’s not worth it anymore. For the redundancy, most people used RAID0 which only speeded things up anyway. TL;DR don’t bother. If you have stuff you really don’t want to lose then a local and/or remote backup is better.