Are you done with P3D?

Anyone else put a permanent hold on P3D add-on purchases? Unless there is a “professional” need to pick up P3D stuff…I’m pretty much done now. I don’t have the energy to keep up with P3D, MSFS, and X-Plane. I’ll wait for the new products to dribble over to MSFS and I can’t imagine a time when X-Plane won’t be relevant.


And then I see this. But I’m not biting…

Oh…but there is a cargo variant…



I think I uninstalled it when XP got its VR thing on.

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I went ahead a few months ago and bought P3D v5 and it had better VR integration and performance…but I’m still not enthused enough about it to fire it up much. Which is a shame because I have sooooo many P3D add-ons.

raises hand

I uninstalled P3D4 a couple of months ago. I was mostly keeping it around for the MILVIZ Phantom and Hun, as well as the VRS Superbug. But the DCS Supercarrier has spoiled me to the point that I don’t care to fly carrier ops without an animated deck and the advanced ATC coms, bugs and all. I love the MILVIZ stuff, but not being able to shoot stuff due to incompatibilities with P3D, VRS TAC Pack, and the aircraft every time one of them does an update got old. Then there are also all of the associated utilities that need to be kept updated. When I finally bit the bullet, I was surprised how much drive space was being taken up and how many programs there were installed to support P3D.

TBH, I haven’t flown X-Plane 11 in a long while either. Need to get in there and update everything.


Roger that! I felt, physically, 10 pounds lighter afterwards too!

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I was done with P3D even before I bought it! :smile:

btw, 146 is comin also to XP11

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I wouldn’t say I’m done with P3D yet since there is such a void in high-fidelity aircraft for FS2020… all the PMDG, FSLabs stuff… Plus, it’s the only sim that has a medium-fidelity Lancaster that I know of. It’s hard to let go.


I’m patiently waiting for Rotate’s MD-11 and Aerobask’s Falcon 8X.

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I never had a machine that could run it. I had v2, I think.

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I got rid of it after I got XP11 up and running and that’s what I primarily focus on. MSFS is mostly for the looks as it hasn’t matured yet.

These days I see guys streaming P3D/FSX and it just reinforces my decision to do so.

I held off for so long because of the lack of quality aircraft for a while but, for anyone who hasn’t made the switch, the sim is in a great state to do so.

@BeachAV8R It’s funny, I started the XP releases thread because I thought the XP11 146 was the version being released. That’ll likely be a quick buy for me.

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That should be a really cool plane for X-Plane…

One thing that made me want to buy P3D was Avatar Mode. I really miss this kind of interaction in most of the flight sims (I can think of only two that has it - P3D and Take On Helos).

For me, walking to aircraft, doing pre-flight inspection, getting into cockpit and all that in reverse order is integral part of flying.
So really scratching my head why this is not included in flight sims.

From P3D desc :


Avatar mode gives the user the ability to attach and detach from other objects during the simulation. Once detached, the user will be able to walk around the world as an avatar.


Since the MSFS 2020 is out, I have fired up the P3D only for testing purposes (I am converting some sceneries and objects). No addon bought either.

Well, I am a mostly VFR flier so neither complex crafts nor hi-fidelity addons are too important for me. The only non-GA aircraft that I fell in love with in P3D :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: was the FeelThere Embraer ERJ 135/145 jets. Really cool, simple and fast and with some overhead business to do which gave me a feeling of being one of the big guys :slight_smile:

I have not come back to P3D even for VR. That was the reason initially why I have not uninstalled it yet.

Yep I’m mainly a VFR/Bush flier, so I’ve been done with P3D since X-Plane11 came out.

If MSFS2020’s VR is as good as X-Plane 11’s in a few weeks, I’ll probably be done with X-Plane 11 too.

Lots of good times with P3D and X-Plane 11, and I’ll miss my favorite planes in both, but it’s a good time to be alive and see how far VFR sim flying has come with MSFS2020, let’s hope the VR is good.

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I’m not real confident but, others here may be? I’m lookin at you, you know who :slight_smile:


We’ll know in a couple weeks.

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