ARGB LED Controller A1 Coolermaster hookup question?

Hey Guys,

I have a Lian Li LanCool 215 Case wich has the new ARGB Light fans. now the motherboard does not have the ARGB Header. I did find this Coolermaster LED Controller A1 but I am unsure if this replaces the motherboard ARGB Header?

here is the case:

here is the Coolermaster LED Controller:

Now the Case has an internal HUB and I was thinking I can connect the fans to the HUB that is built into the case and use the controller to act as the ARGB Header. now the controller has 3 ARGB Headers.

I have read all the manuals and such I was wondering if anybody already has one could help out… I will try and see if there are any you tube video but thought I would ask here too…

Thank you

EDIT Well since this just was released a few days ago the only video I saw was in a foreign language… So I am just going to go by what the description said and since it should have the wires I need I am just hoping it will work without the ARGB Header on the motherboard… Once I get it hooked up I will reply back if it worked or not but I am unsure when I am going there to hook it all up…

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Would you be ok with just the physical button on the case to control them? I think most of them have that hook-up, including the LanCool 215, so when you press a button on the case it cycles between all the pretty lights. :slight_smile: :christmas_tree:

I guess I am just saying just in-case you think you have to buy a controller to hook it up, when they’ll be an option to just set them manually with a case button press.

In general, you will connect your LED leads from your fans to the hub, and the sensor header leads form your fans to your mobo. If your case, hub, and fans are all Coolermester, you will probably also have a wire from your case’s control panel to your hub so that a button can control the LEDs. Does that makes sense?

yes the lancool has a button on the case I can use instead of the Reset switch… I have to buy that controller because the motherboard I am putting into the lancool case does not have the ARGB Header on the motherboard, I was under the impression this coolermaster controller makes it so I can use it to control and power the colored lights on the 2 fans in the case.

@Chipwich yes I was thinking that is how it is done, I just want to make sure thos controller replaces the mobo ARGB Header… thnx guys…


I think it’ll work. The case hub 3 pin plugs in to the Cool Master controller, and that takes power and a USB connection. The software must use that to control what happens.

so would the fans be plugged in to the case hub or on the mobo itself?

I think the case hub, as the CM controller is acting as the motherboard. It would probably work with the fans direct in the CM as well. So perhaps either?

yes that is what I was thinking but I did not want to wait until friday to maybe find out I needed another part or similar…

thank you all will post if it worked, maybe this weekend if I can get over there and switch the case out. that is if the piece comes in Friday …

This install video shows using the fans to the controller direct. I guess you use splitters if you have a lot?

Not sure how many male/female adapters come with it, so that’ll be where it gets trickier to guess.

oh man I thing I ordered the wrong one… I will have to go check into this as I thought I ordered v2 of this controller that is v1…

Well according to the title on newegg it is the v2 I ordered it just seems to have the wrong picture as in the description it states I don’t need a mobo with the aRGB Header…

I will have to wait until I get it to be sure if it is as the one in that video is not the right one I need but let me watch the video to be sure…

Yes the one in the video is in fact v1 and you need a aRGB Header on the mobo. v2 you do not need the aRGB Header that is why I bought v2 or at least I think I did… the description confirms that but I will wait until I get it to determine my course of action…

Thank you all…


Let us know how it works out. I think that with a lot of decisions made during a build, there is more than one acceptable way to accomplish the same functionality. One might be more efficient or aesthetic, and the other way works better with the parts you have in hand. I find that I get a little more tidier with each build, perhaps because of a new case design, or because I got a had parts left over from previous builds that work well together.

Here is the last build that I did, completely made out of existing parts and a new case. It sits in the home gym used for video streaming, Peloton, and Zwift. I’m not only happy with how clean it is, but also how it booted with the first button press and has run perfectly since, even though the guts came out of the parts bin. It has an old school LED hub with external control, that you can see on the rear, it’s only wart IMHO.


Well good news, the controller I ordered is the correct one and it should work with the transplant. the other good news is I should still be able to use the hub that came with the case. here is the case without guts in it:

This is not a new build but a transplant of another computer parts from a bad designed case to this new case with way better airflow… the other case just is not worth what I paid for it which was not much…


Hey Guys I got this hooked up two weeks ago but I just found out that the case fan lights do not turn off when the PC is powered down.

I was there today to install his newer vid card and I checked the software which seemed pretty proprietary, I was wondering if anybody has an Idea as to why the lights dont power down when turning off the PC??

How’s it powered? First thoughts would be perhaps your Bios has an option for USB device state when shutdown - some boards allow you to turn that on/off.

Other than that is your Windows power off state in Hybrid? That leaves power to the board, so worth a check.

Well that is a thought but the aRGB Controller is powerd with a SATA Power plug from the PSU… I will check the power off state. I dont think I checked that. I will ask my nephew to check the power setting…

thnx for that totally forgot it.

well since we have RGB Lighting here is my Old CM HAF 932 case with new case fans that are aRGB Capable. I made a video and they are showing in RED “Neon” Pattern with the OpenRGB Program…

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