Ark Ascended 10FPS Bad optimising or FPS counter broke in STEAM?

Hi All, I am posting this on my nephews behalf, we 1st tried it on a really under spec’d PC and it ran horrible. So I upgraded to a 10700K z490 Motherboard and we have 32GB RAM we are using a 1080Ti but in both cases the FPS showed were 10FPS on both older and newer CPU.

Now The Reccomended specs for the Ascended are a 10600K which we have a 10700K OC to 4.8ghz. The 1080TI is a little step up from the minumum which was a 1080 but I would have expected the FPS to jump up a bit with the newer CPU?? I even have everything off and runing all settings at LOW.

Now, is the Steam FPS counter bugged in Ascended as when I ran it without the overlay running it seemed to run a bit smoother but still not too good.

I did try turning off fog and clouds with the water layers also but it still does not run too well especially when inside the jungle…

I been reading the forums and I seen a post with some user that had a 3080 and it still ran terrible… now I know this is early access and all but this game should run a bit better then it does currently…

So are we doing something wrong or is this game that difficult to maintain decent FPS??

And I understand about specs and all and we should get a new GPU but if some one is having issues with a 3080 something is terribly wrong… is it the UE5?

so is it the FPS from Steam not working well with Ascended or is this game just not optimised? I really fail to see why this newer engine would run so terrible…

Just checking off the obvious stuff, you did install the latest drivers from the nvidia website after the upgrade?

10 fps is completely unplayable, even 15 fps is almost an impossible slideshow. Is that what you’re seeing on the screen (without the fps counter)?

Does Xbox Game Bar still have an fps counter? It used to?

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Yes, we installed Fresh drivers after uninstalling with DDU. well it did not seem like a slide show persay but damn close…

I will check to see if there is a FPS counter in game bar. Also without the Steam FPS Counter it seemed to get a bit better I think the overlay does not work well with ARK Ascended…

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Just double checking if the monitor is actually plugged into the graphics card?

Accidentally using the on-board Intel UHD graphics card could cause something like this.

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If you have an onboard graphics processor, verify that your 1080 is what is actually being used. That has caught me out a few times over the years.

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I am pretty sure we are using the Discreet GPU and not the onboard one but I will have him send me a pic of the back of the PC to double check…

that would be funny if that was it but I could have sworn the 1080ti would have done better then 10fps… haha

well he is definetely using the 1080Ti not sure maybe we need to check BIOS and make sure he is on the gen 3?

EDIT: OH man I just had a horrible thought what is the PCIe slot is borked :frowning: I need to get back over there andcheck my nephew is not beeing to helpfull over the chat…

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I’d install another game, test that and, if it works? Not the PCIe.

Another alternative option? ASA could be badly optimized. I got the original Survival Evolved back in 2015 and oh my god it was an absolute gong show. It was REALLY badly optimized.

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yes I can have him test another game. but I would rather be there when the tests are conducted, but we can do a quick test just to see.

I may go over there soon… thnx

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