ARMA 3 AI Troops and Night Vision

Got a question for any ARMA 3 mission editor gurus. I’ve been working on a mission for my high command playing. I’ve got the mission set at night. The AI troops have their night vision goggles down on their faces but it appears they don’t see enemy standing right in front of them. I had assumed the AI functions of the game would automatically give them some sort of simulated night vision experience. Do I need to script something for them in order to allow them to actually get the benefits of nv goggles? Any guidance would be most appreciated.

Arma AI’s ability to detect you is derived from their skills, your stance, your movement speed, the ambient lighting, and yes, their optics.

For starters, what faction are you, what faction are they?

Well I’m embarrassed. I had everything set to friendly and forgot to make my side and enemy side antagonistic. Everything works well now. Thank you for pointing out something so obvious. :astonished:

Only reason I know to point out something so obvious is because I’ve done it myself. repeatedly. :laughing:

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It was a funny situation. I had been scripting stuff all day, setting up the atmosphere etc. of the mission. Did my first play test. When we came upon some enemy troops patrolling. My troops would not fire yet they were close enough to see the enemy. I took some shots at enemy, one went down then my troops opened up and killed me. :scream: