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In what has to be one of the most anticipated mods in years, the team developing The Unsung Vietnam war mod for Arma 3 is showing that this terrain will appeal to all types of players. As a huge fan of Take on Helicopters and Arma 2 & 3 helicopter flying, I was extremely excited…


Excellent! Arma has always had some great eye candy down low, but that Vietnam mod looks amazing! It looks just like Hollywood says it’s supposed to. I’m also pleased to see mission designers stressing the boundaries of the Arma mission editor - it seems to be a very powerful tool.

You hint to this in your write-up, Beach, but the hi-fi helo dynamic option really does NOT work with the GrumpyRhino Huey? Or it’s just not on by default? If it doesn’t work, I seriously hope that’s on somebody’s to-do list. I’m really stoked about the merge of helicopters and realistic infantry combat—Dslyecxi’s video on air assault hooks me, every time I watch it—but the basic Arma flight model just kills it for me.

This mod is the main reason I bought ARMA3 when it was on sale awhile back. To quote the great philosopher Stevie Nicks, “I can’t wait… I can’t wait…”

Brian L.

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By request:

Unsung Vietnam War mod:
GrumpyRhino’s Huey Pack:
TeTeT’s Chickenhawk mission (Arma 2):

Yeah - that first link is to the development thread for the Unsung.

GrumpyRhino’s Huey Pack can be used independently from the mod for whatever use you want…

And I think that link to TeTeT’s mission is from the Arma 2 version of Unsung (maybe)…

I always was a HUGE Vietnam fan, and I’ve read Chickenhawk enough to apply some of Mason’s tips and tricks in my DCS Huey flying as well. I read tons about this war and I can’t wait to get my hands on this mod. We should get a couple of guys together and do coop missions with multiple ships and crews manning the guns. It would be a riveting experience.

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Chuck I’m in.
My first Vietnam Novel was A rumour of war by Philip Caputo during the falklands conflict in 82, spent probably the next 20 years buying and reading all I could get my hands on including which I paid 50GBP for about 20 years ago:smile:

I am also friends with Warrior X whom I had the good fortune to spend the Queens Day celebration weekend in Amsterdam with. He has been working on this mod since OFP days.

Great write up as always you make me want to instantly grab the mod and reinstal Arma 2
Obviously I dont need Arma 2 installed :blush:

Thanks :sunglasses:

That looks absolutely fantastic, will have to try out that mod ASAP.

And yeah, Chickenhawk is a great book.

You should check out the Air Cav mod that recently showed up on the steam workshop. The island they are using isn’t as good as Unsung’s but you can fly a Huey with the advanced flight model in multiplayer, just going back and forth to LZ’s dropping guys off. It’s kind of fun to get a slick into a tight spot at max weight but I still think it has a lot more power than the real thing.


@Jeffzig - Thanks for the heads up! I’ll check out the Workshop and see about that mod. Chickenhawk type flying is the mutts nuts so to speak. :smiley:


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Unsung alpha has just been released today:

I’ve updated Chickenhawk from the development version of Unsung to the alpha. I started a thread here:

You need Grumpy Rhinos medium utility pack, CBA and the Unsung alpha release mentioned first. I cannot link due to being a new user here :smile:

Beware that it’s altogether almost a 2GB download.

Thanks again for the preview, BeachAV8R!



Awesome - thanks for the update TeTeT…!

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