ARMA 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain Release!

New ARMA 3 cDLC just dropped.

It was supposed to come out a few months before the Prairie Fire cDLC, but got held back to improve it.

It’s a DLC centered on US/Czechoslovak (?) forces at the German/Czechoslovakian border in the 1980s.

It’s going for roughly half the price of Prairie Fire and Global Mobilization. There’s been virtually no hype for it and not really any YouTube videos (as of this post).

I’m in the wait and see camp. But a new (~260km2) terrain for $10 isn’t TOO bad.


got it, will boot it up in a min or 2… will let you know.


thanks for being the guinea pig!

If you feel motivated, would you take a screenshot of the map and screenshots of the scenery. I think that would be more of a selling point than the units, as such.

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Well it’s cheap because no campaign… handful of SP missions and handful of MP missions… the missions all look and play just like the missions in ArmA2… not 3, 2.

I have a doc appt in an hour, so here’s a few screens… will probably broadcast a first look this afternoon at gotyoursixgaming via twitch… depending, waiting on the new DCS helo to be released today also, AND the new helo game on Xbox… busy game day. lol


Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain Trailer - YouTube

I’d say it’s more of a tool pack to make more great missions with a cold war theme. jmo

I’m actually getting Arma 2 vibes from those pics. The terrain looks a lot like it. Not that it’s a bad thing.

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Here’s a review for it (in German)

The more I see of it, the more “pass” vibe I get.

The Livonia terrain in the Contact terrain is many times better and also has a central European vibe. There are many free terrains in the workshop that seem to be higher quality and use up to date design standards. Just going by the video and screenshots I’ve seen, it looks like ARMA 2 quality map making (meaning things are more simply made and less detail.

The map screenshot that Magnum posted seemed to show a terrain with quite a lot of trees. Not the most interesting area to make missions (imo)

But my mind isn’t made up yet. I shall see more reviews.

Well not that I’m a good broadcaster, or even a good player for that matter. lol… but am broadcasting the first look were I’ll show you all included, the3n do a couple mission… at 2 Eastern. (30 mins)…

gotyoursixgaming - Twitch

Basic overview of what the Iron Curtain DLC for #Arma3 has… the ending with the tank battle is a good watch… Twitch

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Love me a Cold War DLC, so a buy for me - cheap too!

I’m liking it so far. Doesn’t hold a candle to Prairie Fire, as anticipated.

But, I need to sit down with it more.

Does it have the 1981 Stripes EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle?

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I think that would have sold it for a lot of people, regardless of other content.

Yeah. I would be one of them.

Playing more of it, it’s pretty ok. Love Gabreta, the units need a higher fidelity, and they REALLY need to take a look at the physics of some.

Unless you’re a Cold War nerd like I am? It’s a hard sell. If it comes down to this vs. Prairie Fire? No contest obviously. This vs. Cold War Germany? Germany.

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Ouch… people are not happy about paying for obvious ArmA2 re-do’s…

“Dear players, we are closely monitoring the community response to the release of Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain. We will be updating you in the near future.”
from the ArmA3 devs on Twitter.

I don’t think it’s worth money, but as a cold war fan, I never really liked that ArmA3 went into the future, I like the basic missions… the feel of the great ArmA2.

I wonder if BIS will just pull it back off the store, refund people’s money and gift out the map to everybody to win back the community. They would then have to pay a CSLA nominal fee for their work, as BIS doesn’t own the work.

Regardless if that comes true, the developers of future cDLCs are probably cringing, seeing how this one was received. Buyers will be more aware and critical of future ones.

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If anybody bought this and wants to return it, you have until July 30th.

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