Arma 3 Emerge from the darkness (gameplay video)

Hi guys,

its me esonub again with another video of arma 3 this time in tanoa with a mission i made. To be honest it was a test session with the mission as we try it for the first time, but the main new thing i did with the current mission was using the “Combat Animation” with the AI. Short explanation about the animation, its an implented script withing arma which let you make the mission much more immersive, or in other words give it a Call of duty mission/campaign feeling with the AI looking left and right and not just staying in one place looking like a statue.

Mission description:

Well the main mission can go up from 3-12 players i created a few version with ammount of QRF. but main goal is to infiltrate Syindikat HQ and take out there commander, got to do it fast and get the hell out of there are is HOT with lots of troops patroling, and after the commnder is down things will be getting hot and QRF forces will arrive. you will have air support after confirming the commander has been taken out.

Video description:

I started recording the video when we arrived the Objective RV i was in over watch while Phil and Mamba infitrate the building to clear it from enemy hostile and take out the commander. its a pretty short video 5:30 mins i hope u will enjoy… if anyone want to try the mission let me know i will upload it for you guys after i do more tests to make it even better :slight_smile:


Arma 3 + Apex

RHS USAF + Russia + GREF
CBA a3


Very cool mission…tense start…!

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TY @BeachAV8R im glad that tense feeling went through the video i will be glad to try and put it out with more players so it will be even more intense… i think i will end up doin that mission again with 6+ players and record it again from the start as its really scarry walking through the Tanoa jungles …