Arma 3 Helo DLC question

Couldnt find a started tread for this, so I figured I’d start a new one and ask.
So over the sale on Steam, I bought the Arma 3 bundle which included several DLCs. After some time installing and configuring, my helicopter controls are bound.
I was looking for a quick start mission, with some general flying around to get the feel. I only saw the VR room trial, but that wasnt much good, as without any visual references, it was hard to judge anything.
So I backed out and noted a few missions, but they appear locked under an additional paid content lock. If I’ve bought the DLC, shouldnt these be unlocked? Steam shows all the DLCs installed, so what am I missing to unlock all features? Thanks!


Yeah, I think the helicopters DLC only came with a couple things maybe - the Sling Loading mission, and maybe four or five Time Trial missions perhaps?

You might have to do a search of the Steam Workshop to find some good helicopter DLC missions. I wish I had a list handy right now, but I don’t…

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Thanks Chris. I’ll go looking. Bummer it was not as comprehensive as I thought. But luckily 3rd parties are generous and build things.

You’ve summed up Arma 3 completely there. :rofl: I will never understand developers and why they don’t churn out content after the base module is done. Yes, yes, we’ve had Tanks, Helos, Aircraft, and a few others…but can’t they just hire some people good with the campaign/mission editor and start selling tons of $10 campaigns that USE the assets they created? I mean, Arma 3 could be a successful movie chain but no…they put out a handful of “showcases” and that’s it. Is it that expensive to write campaigns?


A lot of wasted opportunity in ArmA. The developer creates this vast sandbox with extremely precise details, creates new modules that integrate well with that sandbox, and then simply walk away from developing something coherent to do with it all.

I am not disparaging our friends from the former Warsaw Pact nations, but this is an attitude I have seen before. My wife and her dad are jewelers, and I’ve traveled with them to purchase materials for creating pieces for customers and you can always spot the guys from that part of the world. Vendors from other places will haggle, they’ll bring out the good stuff when it’s asked for, they’ll do all kinds of value-added stuff to get people to buy their goods. The Russians/Eastern Europeans lay everything out on a table and say, “that is the price”.

And that’s it. To them, the product itself should be motivation enough to buy and use, and let me say, they make of the most amazing stuff you’ve ever seen, especially their synthetic, lab-grown gemstones. Think flawless quality for half of what you’d pay for the naturally-mined stuff and no throats slit to get the stones to market, just take it out of the cookers and it’s ready to sell. They don’t feel the need to add anything to the product because they don’t feel it’s necessary for them to do it.

And that makes me wonder if that same mindset, that same worldview (not that it’s bad) pervades their game development sector.


Here are some links to some Arma 3 Steam Workshop missions. I played some of them a while back, so I can’t tell you whether they are still working/compatible…

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Thank you. Gives me a place to start looking.
I really only bought Arma for the helo ops. Could care less about the ground shooter aspect. Your fault, btw. Excellent and eye catching reviews of the helos. :+1:

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My memory on the helicopter DLC is a bit fuzzy…I’m not sure if some of the side benefit of that was the “rotor.lib” enhancements that probably also affect the operation of the already included aircraft and maybe even ones you import. So even though the helo DLC isn’t the greatest in the world as far as content is concerned, it did make the overall helicopter game better.

There was a really cool mod for the Taru too that made it possible to winch and load different modules to it. A feature that probably should have bee part of the original DLC release because it makes so much sense. I’d have to hunt for some Taru missions though…I can’t recall if many were made. I wish there were a ton of missions for the VTOLs and helos…I love flying them.

Not sure if it still works or not…but here is the link:

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An interesting developer post on that rotorlib stuff from a few years back:

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