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Sometimes a simple, straight-forward, and entertaining helicopter mission is just what the doctor ordered… Back to basics Long ago I came to recognize that I am a simple man – with simple tastes. Similarly true for my simulator preferences as well as real life. A recurring habit of mine is to shelve Arma 3 for…


Btw despite we have quite modern strike fighters in DCS we are lacking modern helo. Would be cool to see something similar there.

…I knew I had to buy A3 in the sale :slight_smile:

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Because you’re adding the complexity of a helicopter on top of the systems complexity of modern jets and throwing multicrew into the mix. It makes for a very rough subject to tackle, especially considering trying to source data on top of all that.

I just wish ArmA3 had actually included mechanics for in-cockpit displays instead of the shoehorned mechanics we got. Take On Helicopters got so close…


I couldn’t agree more. I must have uninstalled and reinstalled Arma3 half a dozen times for reasons like this. The ground environment is so immersive. If only DCS and Arma had a baby.

Great article and reminder!


I have been thinking this for years, maybe give it a decade or 2 and we may well get something our NASA supercomputer can run in vr :blush:

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I had a little bit of an arma problem… I’m good now. But I was bad for a while. A loooooong while


There is another IDAP helo-based mission by RobJ. That’s usually my go to when I need to simply fly around or practice. And it’s in Tanoa which I find to be the great for some low-level flying.


Welcome to Mudspike @MK84 - thanks for the suggestion. I’d love to explore some of Tanoa since I haven’t really done much on that map. :+1:


Welcome @MK84!

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If you’re looking for a nice *H-60 helo in arma 3 with cockpit interaction, check out

I’m on the beta team.


I just installed the H-60 last night after the HeliSimmer article and was completely blown away. Everyone needs to not run, sprint to get this module and support the developers.

It is precisely what I wanted in Arma3 years ago.

@TeTeT I know it’s early days but do you of any missions I can do? I need to fly low under fire and drop troops off! Also, I thanked the team in Discord but let them know it’s an exceptional mod.


I’ll check it out this weekend… :+1:t2:


Not aware of any custom missions for this yet, sorry.

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So apologies, I just got back around to reading this article (been a busy week!) and am very impressed with the vision. I think @Franze can totally identify with all of what those guys are talking about if I had to guess!

“With the progress of the games up to what is today ARMA 3, that potential has been grown and nothing frustrates me more than having an amazing milsim, where you can fly your friends around over gorgeous scenery in a highly detailed environment and extremely immersive experience, but the helicopters are not really that good.”

I couldn’t agree more. I would really love for a developer to tackle a DLC helicopter and campaign for Arma 3. Those environments and the capabilities of the A3 mission editor are just a wide open canvas for some awesome helicopter missions.

Just curious, I did a quick check of the forum and their Discord and saw the application for testing, but am curious what that would entail. Is the module in a state where you can install it and do some test missions/flight missions? I would love to check it out, but also don’t want to promise I can participate in vigorous testing.

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Honestly, if they’d done a full integration of TKOH’s functionality into ArmA3, they would’ve been out ahead rather than just the partial implementation they did. I believe BIS was too fearful of players complaining about the difficulty, which doesn’t make much sense since it’s scalable anyways.

The other side of the coin is trying to do modernized systems is difficult within the confines of the base game and scripting solutions often get heavy-handed. Having to use the 3D model to make 2D displays is problematic and before I stopped messing with the engine, I had been looking into using an external DLL for a more flexible digital display solution. TKOH got around this by not having a lot of aircraft with digital displays or by heavily curtailing the MFDs.

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It’a on steam workshop, last time I checked it worked just fine for some test flying.

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And it’s doubly crazy because just look how many realism mods are being applied to the base game. There are thousands of them out there.

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I think this one?

I’ve never had a game with so many mods to keep updated. If you didn’t play for a fortnight it was an hour before the game would start after all the verification and downloading. It drove me mad on the exile and epoch servers

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I recently removed all of my mods and unsubscribed from all the Steam content to clean up my install.

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