ARMA 3 - IDAP Helicopter Pilot

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Sometimes a simple, straight-forward, and entertaining helicopter mission is just what the doctor ordered… Back to basics Long ago I came to recognize that I am a simple man – with simple tastes. Similarly true for my simulator preferences as well as real life. A recurring habit of mine is to shelve Arma 3 for…


Btw despite we have quite modern strike fighters in DCS we are lacking modern helo. Would be cool to see something similar there.

…I knew I had to buy A3 in the sale :slight_smile:

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Because you’re adding the complexity of a helicopter on top of the systems complexity of modern jets and throwing multicrew into the mix. It makes for a very rough subject to tackle, especially considering trying to source data on top of all that.

I just wish ArmA3 had actually included mechanics for in-cockpit displays instead of the shoehorned mechanics we got. Take On Helicopters got so close…


I couldn’t agree more. I must have uninstalled and reinstalled Arma3 half a dozen times for reasons like this. The ground environment is so immersive. If only DCS and Arma had a baby.

Great article and reminder!


I have been thinking this for years, maybe give it a decade or 2 and we may well get something our NASA supercomputer can run in vr :blush:

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I had a little bit of an arma problem… I’m good now. But I was bad for a while. A loooooong while


There is another IDAP helo-based mission by RobJ. That’s usually my go to when I need to simply fly around or practice. And it’s in Tanoa which I find to be the great for some low-level flying.


Welcome to Mudspike @MK84 - thanks for the suggestion. I’d love to explore some of Tanoa since I haven’t really done much on that map. :+1:


Welcome @MK84!

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If you’re looking for a nice *H-60 helo in arma 3 with cockpit interaction, check out

I’m on the beta team.

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