ARMA 3 missions

Man, I couldn’t be more frustrated with how BI spreads downloaded missions throughout multiple directories when you download them from Steam.


Pretty sure that’s a problem inherent with steam, rather than bis doing

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Purely out of curiosity, what do you need the actual mission file for?

That’s a good question…and you might have a better way to do this. When I’m writing articles, I need a “freecam” view in order to capture screenshots. As far as I know, the only way you can do this is to use Spendid Cam, and the only way I know of to allow for that is to have the line below in the description.ext file:

enableDebugConsole = 1;

Since most missions do not allow for that, I have to use a PBO extractor to put that line into the description.ext so that I can access the Splendid Cam. Is there a better way of doing this that does not require editing?


Nah, you’re pretty boned. Only alternative I could think of is downloading an admin mod, which is to say one that enables the camera and debug consoles and is intended for dedicated server admins.

I can’t really help here: I ran one for a few years, but it has been well and truly broke since last June.

Yeah…it is really a quick process actually, I just end up forgetting after a few months where the Steam .pbo files are downloaded to, so it takes some time of hunting around to refresh my memory. This time, I wrote a text document with the steps so that it won’t take me as long next time.

As for Arma - I’ve always wished you could hide the entire overlay (which you can when you are using Splendid Cam) and I’ve always wished for a drive-by/fly-by view (which apparently you CAN add to the mission file…but it would be nice if it were just a default view). Because everyone likes watching their plane/helo/tank fly-by…amiright??

All of that said…I really love Splendid Cam and the angles and stuff you can get with it. So it is worth the tiny hassle to inject that line into the PBO.


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i deff not understand why its that complex … :\

What I could suggest you (that I do for skin making process for DCS) is to create some Shortcuts to those folders in a folder named (for example) FOLDERS FOR ARMA MISSIONS.
That way you should always be able to get back to them.

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