ARMA 3 Nimitz and Hornet Fun

Just a quick play around with the Nimitz model in ARMA3:

Workshop mods here:

Not a bad model.

Vanilla skin on deck

Weapons options via the ‘Service Menu’

Some nice skins


Take some photos from up high today to get a slow look at the Carrier model.

Not DCS but pretty cool. A quick test flight in the Hornet.

It’s ok to muck around in, and super easy to install via the workshop, but I think I’ve been spoilt by DCS a bit. ARMA 3 is great for helos with the detail in the landscapes.


Well, the nice thing about A3 is - you can eject out of that Hornet, land on the island…and go steal a real plane like an Iranian F-14 or an F-111 that is in the boneyard.

AmIright? @Bogusheadbox @near_blind

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And with that… boom

Let’s just rename this website Aardvarkophiles and be done with it, right?

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Glad you enjoyed the mods :slight_smile: Hope the catapult and wires worked fine for you. If you want a less empty carrier, check out this video Nimitz in arma 3: Populate Carrier, 0.95 final preview - YouTube .



Very nice - just got around to trying this. :slight_smile:

You’re listed as a one of the mod creators @TeTeT - great work.

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