ARMA 3 - Prologue & The East Wind



The C2 mod is pretty good for controlling your AI guys …

You can get it in the Steam Workshop here …

  1. As I once overheard an irate Scot bellow at some noon in a WiC server many moon ago: “Control each unit individually for greater precision!”

  2. understand the strengths and weaknesses of the AI: Namely they are good at spotting and shooting, okay at maneuvering, and bad at navigating in confined spaces

  3. remember there is a great amount of functionality locked in the number row menus.

I had success giving them medium range weapons, putting them in cover at strategic points and letting them call out bad guys. If the stuff hit the fan they can rain down fire to give me an assist. If you do it right and remain undetected, you can maneuver them into position for ambushes.

That said I’ve spent way too much time getting in the AI’s headspace for mission purposes, and even then it’s as much an art as a science.