ARMA 3 - Prologue & The East Wind



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  We take a look at the full ARMA 3 campaign that some fans may have overlooked as they dove straight into playing in the ARMA 3 sandbox. Drip…drip…drip came the episodes When ARMA 3 released in late 2013, it did so with an incomplete campaign. Many of us never fired up the campaign simply…


The Arma 3 campaign was a strange bird. The first episode was a great bit of the traditional Arma-esque scripted campaign. The second episode was truly revolutionary for an Arma campaign: They took the concepts behind the infamous “Manhattan” mission in Arma 2, and actually made it work as an open world hub. That was nuts.

The wheels kind of fell of the bus with episode three. They were clearly trying to recapture some of the OFP style thunder in a bottle, but I suspect this section was rushed through for time constraints, and there were places it showed structurally and narratively.

Many people have mixed opinions on the Apex campaign, and it’s difficulty. @klarsnow and I, (and there were some other people there, I can’t remember who, sorry), enjoyed it. It also ties up the cliffhangers left by the East Win’s final act.


Ah…that’s good to know. As well, I’d like to tackle the recently released Laws of War campaign if anything for it’s odd subject content…


I finished the first chapter and I must admit that apart from some minor quibbles I really liked it.

My minor quibbles list includes but it’s not limited to:

  • sometimes there’s unclear instructions
  • sometimes instructions are not that clear
  • sometimes there’s some quite off-target instructions

Yes- mostly I’m just unsure how to do stuff- but I think it’s largely because I was in mortar infantry, while this stuff is actually more about marines and other Front-towards enemy type of guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

With the proper training and enough time I could do wonders. :smiley:
Or at least, better than I did so far.


Hey. Good news is (slight spoiler)…you get mortared at least twice in the campaign…! :rofl:


So does anyone know of a campaign that uses the RHS replacement units that pit just the U.S. forces against Russians? I’d love to play that…


I’ll say it straight: I kinda lost interest in the ArmA3 campaign when I shot a dude 5 times in the face with a 5.56 rifle, then he turned and shot me dead with one shot through my eye. I almost opened up some mods to bring my Apache in just over that incident.

Instead, I replayed the mission and placed enough explosives in the area to make Minesweeper jealous.


Those Iranians have very robust skull structure. :thinking:

I have to admit. I love that we have a guy on the forums that can lay claim to “MY Apache”…LOL…that is awesome.

Tarnished Gold is still the best Arma experience I’ve ever had… :+1:

For those that don’t know:


The mission editor. Otherwise time to hit the workshop Pinata and see what falls out.


The Workshop???


Alright. @near_blind has encouraged me to go into the Steam Workshop. Cover me.



This is gonna be a long night…


Anu cheeki breeki iv damki, Beach


I don’t know what that means. Let me call Michael Flynn and ask him. Standby.


Oh…Stalker reference? One of the games I’d like to see in VR. :+1:


Славянская жизнь, товарищ


Have you guys found a way to consistently order your teammates to do the stuff you want and need?

I often get into the situation where my AI buddies decide to do foolish stuff and basically fail the mission in a heartbeat.
How do you guys control this??


2, I CAN’T.
7, I CAN’T.
ad infinitum



Yes that pretty much indicates my experience with them, lol!

So I am very interested to hear how BeachAV8R keeps em in check.


HOLD FIRE - STAY HERE. Then I lone wolf it.

I actually meant to write that in my review (I had made a note about it on my note pad) - that throughout the campaign, as you do start to take responsibility for more soldiers, the campaign doesn’t do a very good of building a relationship between you and them…thus, you have no real feeling to try to preserve them. Almost every mission I’d use them up basically covering my back…