ARMA 3 Screenshots

Icebreakr and team just released (as a beta) the new terrain called Yulakia.

I think it’s the best terrain that he and his team have released.

If you have ARMA 3, you should check it out. There are some nice custom made objects and unique areas of interest. There are underground caverns/prisons as well as custom rocks and buildings. It’s still in beta and there is still some work to do, but it’s playable now and enjoyable to view.


OMG OMG This looks brilliant!
So it’s a free mod, right? being a Steam Workshop thing?

Who is willing to try to some fireteam missions? @tempusmurphy @Victork2 ?
I would love to set up some sort of weekly meet-up&Shoot-out sort of night - one per week or so?
Arma 3 has proven to be a fantastic thing to do, even when we lose. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah i fancy that


I am up for some of that :smiley:

I’m up for it! What do you mean by fireteam missions? Missions in Antistasi, or are we talking something independent of that?

Does anyone own any of the DLCs?


My idea is simply to have as close as possible to 4 humans to meet as close as possible to reugularly…

If this works we can see- but definitely winning Antistasi now is my main goal! :sunglasses:

As for the mods - I will create a proper thread with polls, and stats, and blackjack and all that jazz. :rofl:

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