ARMA 3 - Spearhead 1944

Fellow ARMA players might be interested in this?

Thanks for the link. I was going to do that when I got home.

At least one of the developers that’s working on Prairie Fire is also working on this, so that’s promising.
From the video, it looks like the buildings are mostly new and not just reskins of older content, which is also promising.

There are some decent, existing WW2 content in the workshop, not to mention the IFA stuff from Iron Front:44. I will be interested to see the quality of the terrain and assets.

This cDLC is based on Operation Cobra, which happened in late July 1944, so…the release is probably around that time, I would guess.


That could be really cool! I’ve had some fun playing WWII with the SOG:PF assets now that they’ve fleshed out some of the WWII equipment.

IFA/FoW mods used to be pretty good as well, but I haven’t messed with those in a while.

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I’m just chuffed to see a WWII shooter that isn’t COD or Sniper Elite :wink:


The days of iron front over at simhq were an absolute blast :grinning:


Well observed that some folks from Prairie Fire are involved with Spearhead 44. At this level of modding / DLC development there are now some highly experienced people around and it makes sense that they are shared between projects.



Big news. The Spearhead 44 cDLC will be releasing next week on July 25th. $17.99 USD (€17.99EUR / £14.99 GBP)

There is a multiplayer campaign, but no single player campaign. There are only two single player scenarios and are apparently only for asset familiarization. So I guess if you’re looking for a single player experience, then you’d need to wait for somebody to put something in the workshop.

The ARMA youtubers already have it, I guess, so they’ll probably post videos/impressions a day or two before.

I’ll be checking those videos out before I think about getting it. CSLA cDLC was apparently not very good, so I think a few people will hang back to see what it’s like. However, it’ll probably be good with the known participating developers involved and Bohemia’s sales return data for CSLA advising them to release a decent product.

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CSLA had some wasted potential. Parts of it were really good (some of the vehicles, details, static weapons and ammo breaking down into recognizable packs and not just generic backpacks), the map was nice, but the voice acting in the campaign was all an AI, which combined with the engrish made it painful to play. It’s unfortunate, but anyone that play tested it would have told them.

Cold War Re-Armed combined with Global Mobilization checks nearly all of the boxes they were aiming for, so they had an uphill battle to begin with.

I echo your sentiments: if the detail and package is as quality and complete as SOG:PF, it’ll be a day one purchase. If not, then IFA/FOW mods check those boxes. And frankly GM/SOG can as well.


I’m looking forward to it, I’ll probably grab it.

And it’s out: Arma 3 Creator DLC: Spearhead 1944 on Steam



Willing to wait some honest reviews from Mudspikers…
Seems interesting but I have so little time…


The assets are great.
The sounds are punchy.
And the new co-op missions? Sublime. 24 player combined arms co-op.

We were moving along a hedgerow in Dog element, a recon element. Our sniper peaks around the corner to see a Tiger lying in wait. He yells “TIGER! TIGER!”

We look around, but we can’t see anyone with a bazooka near us. What I do see? A Sherman 76. I run down to the Sherman and stand infront of him as he slowly rolls up. He pops his head out of the command cupola and I tell to him “There’s a Tiger JUST around the corner of that hedgerow. It’s not even aimed at us.”

He gives me an affirmative response, I get back up against the hedgerow and he rolls past with his gun swinging left. The moment he gets to the corner BOOM an HVAP punches into the Tiger and it starts to cook off. Barely 100m shot. The German infantry on the ground begins to open up and we proceed to have about a 20 minute long exchange of fire.

It was great.

Gotta give them props for adding both French Resistance and the French Liberation Army.


They should give you a referral fee, you just sold a copy.


I’m sold! Thanks!


Whelp, here goes my cash! :joy:

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I also forgot to mention that the missions fill slots with AI by default, so it’s possible to play it without needing 2 squads worth of people.

Had a chance to mess with it today, having issues with Battle eye (or whatever there server system is called) staying connected. Kept getting booted.

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Played a Tank Battle multiplayer PvP or PvE mission with my buddy raine. Was good fun, albeit not very great tanking skills from our side … While I was part of closed beta testing, I had not bothered with the tanks much so far.

Managed to flip the Sherman on its side through some rocks hidden behind a bush.

Seems the AI could use a driving lesson too :wink:

War is hell, dead cows litter the field.

At least we shot some Pz IIIs …



I’ve been playing in the mission editor, creating engagements and am acting as the combat photographer.


This has potential. I played with the assets a bit, and some of them are really good. Interestingly enough, the bolt action rifles have two separate loading animations depending on whether you’re reloading from empty or topping off (with appropriate round counts during the reload!).

Also, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a proper partial-clip reload of an M1 Garand in a video game. I’ve done it a bunch IRL, and it was neat to see in a video game. Check it out.

The sounds are great, weapons are nice, similar to SOG in a good way. We’ll see what the MP is like when I have some time to play.