ARMA 3 - Tanks

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The recently released Tanks DLC for ARMA 3 provides armor enthusiasts with some new assets to explore while expanding the core game for all… As a “dabbler” in A3, this quick-look won’t be an in-depth analysis of all of the intricate details of the new A3 Tanks DLC. By that I mean, I won’t be…


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And that last sentence about Neo, Mr. Grafton-sir, and Rogue One- Oh boy do I relate to it! :smiley:

Tanks have always been one of the weakest parts of the FP/ArmA series, most typically due to how the crew dynamics work. In the original FP, there was even a single crew option for tanks which was used in certain cases where large numbers of tanks were needed without clogging up the AI. Further, anyone with some kind of explosive can almost always take out a tank or armored vehicle, and usually without having to aim for any critical spots or locations. ArmA3 tried to change some of that when it first came out, but I believe this DLC was intended to make it just a hair more complex. BI is, unfortunately, very averse to complexity, so I cannot speak for pros or cons regarding the execution (especially since I don’t ArmA3 anymore).

Once again, we have to remember that FP/ArmA are infantry first, vehicles second. The vehicles can add an exciting element to the gameplay, but the focus remains on the grunts. One readily finds this out as soon as they hop into the commander’s position of a tank and have the driver argue with them about going forward, back, left, or right, and a gunner who graduated from both the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy and the Improbable Aiming Skills school.