ARMA 3 Tanoa Co-Op Campaign

Added: Apex Protocol 1-4 player co-op campaign*

Anyone up for a co-op play-through?

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A few of us tackled the first Two missions this afternoon.

I must say it is the least Arma campaign I’ve ever played, in a very good way. While the vanilla Arma 3 campaign brought back a great deal of warm fuzzy feelings of the OFP campaign entwined with some innovative open world elements, this campaign seems to be gunning for some sort of cross between what (imho) Call of Duty should be crossed with early Ghost Recon. The combat is very much Arma, but the production values (cutscenes, voice acting, mocapping) seem to be vastly improved over even two years ago, and the overall aesthetic hearkens back to the fondly remembered run of Ubisoft Tom Clancy games from the early 2000s (Read Rainbow, Splinter Cells 1-3, and Ghost Recon).

The combat is solid, and pants soilingly terrifying at times: Make no mistake, the jungle is not your friend. You want to move deliberately, choosing your cover wisely and paying close attention to the environment. Charlie is out there, always watching.


I am looking forward to it! Managed to tag on to the end of @near_blind and @klarsnow doing the first few missions. Seemed like a lot of fun.

Even in single player (sad face) it is fun so far.

I initially chose the Scout role, but not sure if I can turn off the thermal imaging in the SCAR 16 scope? Now it’s got light it’s actually hard to use, so what’s the magic keys for changing that?

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@fearlessfrog , look me up on steam. Me and @AeroMechanical are playing it and a third is more than welcome.


@near_blind: me to; sign me up for 4th guy I just have to switch to dev_branch of the game, when I ll be back home from work this evening I ll check with you guys on mudspike ts.


No update today due to a Czech public holiday … and other logistical issues

I liked the new update

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Pity the Tanoa campaign is co-op. doesn’t seem to work well for single-player apparently.

It tries to scale the difficulty with less enemy AI, but there is no squad AI to help out, so it feels very lone wolf and un-ARMA. They definitely designed it with full co-op in mind.