ARMA 3 Tanoa Map with Apex?

I think it is intended to announce this week - E3.

Looking forward to it.

So the store page is up, has all the goodies that are coming, or most at least.

A VTOL that can internally carry an LAV? Sign me up!

The magic of our vaporous arma overlords is steam allows delta patching, which means signing up to the dev branch does not include parallel installs of the game. I totally understand the hesitancy to jump onto another dev instance, but the arma one is relatively painless.


Hmm…I might go forward then… :slight_smile:

IMHO it’s totally worth it. Tanoa is by far the most impressive arma map to date. Plus the gui stuff is really nice.

Eh, I’d argue if you play a lot of Arma it’s nice to see all the new toys coming. There’s no shame in just waiting until it goes gold.


Oh yeah… Rambo mod may be fun but… Predator mod?:kissing:

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So it’s just the terrain that is in the dev build now…not any of the new vehicles? Also, is that plane (looks like a small RV type) going to be one of the new vehicles (flyable)? One last question…how many airfields will be on the new map?

I think I counted 4 concrete runways and a dirt strip

Yes, but BI is supposed to announce the release date some time today.


As Derby pointed out, 5.

One military field

Three civilian concrete fields

and one dirt strip.

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What was in that large download patch for the dev branch today?

Nothing exciting. Apparently the delta patcher had a fit with the encrypted dlc files that comprise the map, and a minor change resulted in a huge download.

I was hoping it included the new units and stuff. Guess I will just have to be patient :slight_smile:

In 5 minutes bi is doing their e3 announcement soooooooo

Sweet…thanks for the info(s)…

  • Internal vehicle carrying heavily hinted. Pretty much confirmed
  • They must’ve blown half their budget on mo-cap



Hey another stupid question - the original A3 campaign - is it only 2 parts (Prologue and the East Wind)? I’ve not played either…was kind of waiting for it to get finished…but is that its finished state?


The campaigns been done for like… two years?

It was originally released in three parts over the six months following the initial release. It was good overall, with the first and especially the second raising the bar for BI. The third part felt rushed, which felt odd after how well part two was. In the last two or three patches they consolidated the three campaign episodes into a single unified file.

The prologue is meant to be an introductory set of missions to ease players into the “complex” parts of Arma, and was added with the “bootcamp” update about a nine months after the game was released. It covers topics such as stamina and stances, marksmanship and how fatigue effects it. Orienteering and pathfinding, and ultimately combat. It also managed to do more world building in four short missions than the entire campaign did, and works as (imho) a surprisingly potent little parcel of storytelling. I recommend playing it, it won’t take much of your time.

@everyone else.
Internationally renowned handsome dude Jay Crowe has misspoke, the actual content is on a separate dev branch option



Thanks for the info about the campaign. I’m definitely gonna play it. I love a good story.

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