Arma 3 Weekend - July 2-3

What better way than to celebrate the holiday of America’s independence, than by drop kicking a bunch of gorram communists out of Europe?

When: Saturday, July 2nd, at 1200 CDT (1700 UTC)

What: Arma 3, mods required: Steam Community :: Error

Who: You know the drill: post which position you’d like to sign up, and I’ll update this list best I can.

###Platoon Headquarters Element
-Platoon Leader: @klarsnow -Platoon Sergeant: @Tyco -Forward Observer: @near_blind -Combat Life Saver: @BeachAV8R

###First Squad
-Squad Leader: @Sargoth
-Fireteam 1 Leader: @weaponz248 -Autorifleman: @fearlessfrog -Rifleman (AT) @Tankerwade -Grenadier: @DeadMeat
-Fireteam 2 Leader: @Fridge -Autorifleman: @Toppometer -Rifleman (AT) :free: -Grenadier: @lizardbolo

###Second Squad
-Squad Leader: :free:
-Fireteam 1 Leader :free: -Autorifleman: :free: -Rifleman (AT) :free: -Grenadier :free:
-Fireteam 2 Leader :free: -Autorifleman :free: -Rifleman (AT) :free: -Grenadier :free:

###Third Squad
-Squad Leader: :free:
-Fireteam 1 Leader :free: -Autorifleman :free: -Rifleman (AT) :free: -Grenadier :free:
-Fireteam 2 Leader :free: -Autorifleman :free: -Rifleman (AT) :free: -Grenadier :free:

###Weapons Squad
-Squad Leader :free:
-Machine Gunner :free: -Assistant Machine Gunner :free:
-Machine Gunner :free: -Assistant Machine Gunner :free:
-ATGM Gunner :free: -Assistant ATGM Gunner :free:
-ATGM Gunner :free: -Assistant ATGM Gunner :free:


Bloody Laughter


I am painting my face camouflage now!

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I’m one of the few that actually celebrates that they are working during scheduled events - because it means I have a high probability of being able to attend (I’m on night shifts…woohoo!)…

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Wait a minute. You’re a frog. You’re already painted…!

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Me however…


So @EinsteinEP are you saying I have to buy that fantastic new Tanoa map to join some of the games?

As in, you aren’t really saying that, but I need you to say it. :slight_smile:


…AND the Rotate MD80…I mean, just in case someday someone imports it into Arma and a mission requires it. I mean, gotta cover my bases.

  • I might like to have to buy the DCS Gazelle too…
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@fearlessfrog - Um…well, now you do own Tanoa. Check your Steam account… LOL…

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Imagine not having new rudder pedals too? @EinsteinEP is sublimely requiring those too :smiling_imp:

Those awesome ones from Europe? Yeah…specifically those…

Aw man, I feel I owe you money to help with the hosting costs.

Let me check though, as if we need to get back the gift from “@fearlesslog” then we’d best be quick! :slight_smile:

Thanks @BeachAV8R, I’m officially all kinds of English embarrassed now, so don’t know what to say. :blush:

LOL…Hell, I just hoped you weren’t joking that you wanted it. :laughing: It is really the least I could do. You do so much for the site and enabling us all (staff and members alike) to have a great place to hang out.

Hopefully I sent it to the right “frog”… :smiley:


Hopefully it’ll be easier when they’re aren’t just two of us :kissing: :notes:

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So much kebab removed in such a short period of time

Would be lovely to have a list of needed mods and stuff.

RHS mod makes Tanoa obsolete, and has for a quite a while now

Tanoa will not be required. @near_blind and I will be finalizing the mod list this week. I can tell you all the RHS (US, Russian, and Greenfor) will all be required. All other mods will be available bundled together in a tidy package via Steam.

Also, @Sargoth Tanoa cannot be obsolete because its not even out yet :grin:


Mod list should be released later today, once I finish a few other things.

Until such a time I can construct a pristine jungle paradise out of the mountains of BMP-3 wrecks we’re gonna kill, Tanoa will have relevance.

That said we’ll be on the main branch, so no one will need it.


I would love to fly the littlebird around tanoa with you guys :smiley:


Do I need to wear my Nomex fatigues?

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That was pretty much the first thing I did, or rather plopped a Littlebird down in the editor and then jumped in to explore. A gorgeous map so far…

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