ARMA 3 Zeus

I had no idea what Zeus was, I assumed it was a mission editor tool so ignored it. Just found out it’s a D&D dungeon master type tool that you can change a mission for the players on the fly!! Sounds pretty good.

I guess you’ve all tried it? That’s what you get for assuming lol

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The last time I played MP and Zeus was just after it was released. I think @near_blind and some of us were messing around with it and he was dropping helicopters and vehicles on us so we could mess around with them. It was hilarious…and lots of fun. I could see how having a dedicated and competent “Zeus Master” would really make a mission a lot of fun. Until he calls in the drone strike. Zeus always wins in the end.


Zeus is one of the best “upgrades” to ARMA. It basically allows you to sandbox and create missions on the fly, jumping from a live mission editor screen to any player in the fight or your original character. I have a Zeus template for every map so I can jump in and wreck stuff, but it’s also mandatory for any multiplayer mission. Really makes it easy to fix things when people get “ARMA’d”.

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If you ever need a player, I’m here…

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Zeus is pretty cool if used by a DM with discretion and a decent understanding of sleight of hand and the mission designers intent.

It can be maddening if they use it to just hop around to the AI, use their superior situational awareness to shoot people and just generally be a butt. Ask @Fridge

Then there’s ■■■■ like this :smiley:


“excuse my accent…I have a cold…”


I remember those guys!

Then you get creative guys who bring back the bouncing mortars.

@near_blind knows the truth of this. Zeus can be used to make excellent gameplay for the players … like a DM might do in D&D. But it can also be (ab)used as a power trip, as alluded to :slight_smile:

My top ever arma experience. Where are you now Tao?

That was before Zeus, no?

EDIT: @near_blind corrected me.

Nah, that was one of the first missions after it came out. Tao was engrossed with it’s potential to create dynamic semi-scripted scenarios. He was a bird because we had improperly set up the Zeus entity (it was hooked up to just some guy instead of the proper way). Tao got disconnected because of internet problems, which killed his character because the mission was set to clients only. When he reconnected the Zeus entity was technically “dead”, hence the post mortem observer Sea Gull.

The other mission was we were manning a checkpoint in Takistan. He drove up in a lada full of civilians, and was trying to simulate the driver not speaking English. Only problem was Ol’ Tao didn’t know any words in Farsi or Arabic. Literally None. The only thing he could think of was “Derka Derka, Mohammed Jihad”. @Tyco mistook that for a call to matyrdom, and the entire squad lit up a car full of unarmed civvies.

Good times.


There was a third one. We were US Motorized Infantry, and we had to go pick up trash from a town and return it to the base. I can’t remember if I was leading overall, or leading a fire team. But we got to the dump, and this being a Tao mission, he had coded in this system where you physically had to pick up the trash and throw it in the truck. It also being a Tao mission, it didn’t work 100% correctly. About this time the Altiban shows up and we get caught in a confused urban firefight, meanwhile three guys are stuck running around this Kamaz with garbage bins super glued to their chests.

Excessive console spam unstuck the garbage bins, we started our extract using a bounding over watch through the MSR out of town. I got within five or six buildings from the clear when an RPG wiped out the MRAP I was crouching behind.

There were no missions like Tao missions, that man had a keen eye for immersive and emergent gameplay.




I think I was leading the garbage can mission, it was going so well until that rpg happened


That was an awesome mission. I made it out alive :slight_smile:

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This reminds me of ArmA1 early on when I was playing with a friend and there was an annoying Mi-8 buzzing around, so I appropriated an RPG from someone to deal with the problem. Said friend tells me I’m full of it, then my first shot blows that damn Mi-8 to smithereens. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I maintain you were right. Guy rolls up to a checkpoint shouting the stereotypical phrase for terror strong, we war you. Guy’s gonna get shot.