Arma Helicopter Operations Videos

I really like how this group does Helo Insertions. Tactics and teamwork and just cool video.


That is really (really) cool. I don’t care how nerdy it is. It’s cool. Every few months I go through the Arma Steam Workshop hoping I come across some good helo mission (single player)…usually I come out disappointed that there isn’t more helo specific content. I really wish someone would make a Taru specific campaign…I love that ship…


Watch out for this bird with interactive cockpit, not released yet, but private beta looks very promising:


Never be ashamed of nerdiness. Embrace it mate! :nerd_face:

Wow, looks like fun. Similar to @Franze’s Apache (which I still need to get around to flying).

It’s probably based on the same scripting I did. I made a tutorial on how it works a long time ago and it is technically possible even on addons not made for it. Just takes a decent chunk of scripting power for reliability.

Never understood why Bohemia Interactive didn’t clone the clicky system from Take On Helicopters.


It’s a slightly different approach, as the interactivity scripts are all in a framework package of their own. Any vehicle may add the interaction framework through config classes and use it. I added support for some basic commands on the CH-46D quite easily, the approach seems solid.