ARMA III Vietnam Air Cav

“Air Cav Vietnam is an Arma 3 project aimed at creating the setting and atmosphere around the vietnam war.”

I guess this is flight stuff, as it’s a Huey update but there is lots in it.

Use the the Nam community map (which does look cool):

Test video:

Required music:


I really need to get into ARMA 3

Yeah, I saw this in the Steam Workshop yesterday and downloaded the map. My only problem with Arma 3 maps and units add-ons is that it can be kinda hard to find missions to go along with it. It would be cool if the Steam Workshop had some sort of auto-linking capability to missions or campaigns that use the content you are downloading.

Can’t wait to check out that Vietnam scenery…it looks fantastic. I also just downloaded some mods I didn’t know about called CUP that apparently add legacy helicopters along with (I think) a pretty good flight model for them to A3…


If someone doesn’t make a mission or even campaign around the line “Charlie don’t surf!” I’m going to be severely disappointed.


There’s a nice ‘Taking Hamburger Hill’ video featuring the mods in use:

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Looks nice will be getting this definately :smile:

If I create any missions with it I’ll post them here

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Joined the dedicated server yesterday for a search and destroy. Lots of effort gone into this and man going into a hot LZ with someone playing Country Joe and the Fish over vehicle chat was great fun :smile:

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Such a powerful piece of software. I’ll have to check this map out.