Arma3 AAR - Multiplayer and TFAR and ACE mods

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@Fridge shares with us how he entered the world of multiplayer simming with Arma 3, and also talks a little about the Task Force Radio and Advanced Combat Environment mods. Sometimes the best missions are the ones that go sideways. I consider myself a flight simmer first and a “first person shooter” second. Well, that is not entirely accurate. I do…

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Nice work, Fridge! That “hard” helo landing couldn’t have been too rough - everybody survived!

I love the radio mod - I think this is one aspect that is sorely missing from the flight sim world. VATSIM (and the various radio utilities that support it) is a great example of a good comm simulator, as well as the voice-comms in BMS’s Falcon. I thought Excessive Headspace had a great thing going with his Tactical Aviation Radio System for DCS World, but that project went into “hibernation”.

I agree that although utilities like TFR “complicate” the learning curve of a simulation, the change in immersion is evolutionary. Would love to see more folks doing this.

Hey mom, look I’m on TV… er… Mudspike. :grinning:

Excellent write up Fridge!

Another great article. Thank you guys. I would love to join the SimHQ group. I presume I find it through their forum?

Yessir. We’re down in the land combat section of the forum below all the flight sims. Feel free to pop by anytime. If you’ve got any questions, please ask away.

We play Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays.

Thanks, I will take a look.

Nice article Fridge! I like the look of TFR…

Nice article, thanks!
For those interested in realistic ArmA 3 gameplay and mods, try They are really good guys and also have a dedicated DCS / Falcon section :smile: