ARMA3: Laws of War

Did I miss this before?


Explore a different perspective on the battlefield with the addition of a humanitarian faction, van, drone, mini-campaign, and much more, in the Arma 3 Laws of War DLC.


A portion of the proceeds from direct sales of the Arma 3 Laws of War DLC in 2017 will be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The total amount raised will be announced on in 2018.

Key Features

  • International Development & Aid Project (IDAP) - This new faction, IDAP, is a non-governmental organization which is specialized in rapidly responding to humanitarian disasters. The faction is composed of new IDAP-branded clothing and gear, including outfits for specialized roles such as Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialists, as well as many other tools, supplies, and other items.
  • “Remnants of War” Mini-Campaign - Take on the role of IDAP explosive specialist Nathan MacDade, who is tasked with identifying and deactivating mines after the war in the Republic of Altis & Stratis has ended. While you are being interviewed by an investigative journalist, you will uncover what happened in the town of Oreokastro, experiencing the events from the perspective of various sides, in recollections that span multiple periods of time.
  • Van - IDAP makes use of a new van, which comes in multiple variants, with over twenty custom liveries in total. Each variant caters to a specific purpose, such as cargo logistics or the transport of people. There is also an ambulance variant available.
  • Utility & Demining Drone - IDAP has a new drone at its disposal to be able to quickly move cargo or supplies to a specific location. A special variant of the drone is used as part of IDAP’s demining operations.
  • APERS Mine Dispenser - The APERS Mine Dispenser is an effective but controversial area denial weapon system. It is typically only used in desperate situations, and can have devastating effects even long after a conflict has ended.
  • Vests, Bags, Headgear & Facewear - Various pieces of new gear are available to help you carry out your duties. This includes safety vests, messenger bags, hard hats and press helmets, ear protectors, safety goggles, and much more.
  • Additional Content - The Laws of War DLC adds a variety of miscellaneous additional content, such as time trial challenges for the new van and drone, a paramedic outfit, and a training mine.

Platform Update

The Arma 3 Laws of War DLC is supported by a major Arma 3 platform update, featuring new content and feature extensions. The platform update is free for all owners of Arma 3.

Supporting Feature Extensions

  • Cluster Strikes & UXO - Refined cluster strikes provide a highly destructive form of warfare, while the newly introduced simulation of Unexploded Ordnance means that some cluster bomblets might not explode upon impact.
  • Mines - Several improvements to the identifying and clearing of mines (and other explosives) make for a more manual process, with a greater emphasis on the Mine Detector tool.
  • Leaflets - You can now drop informational pamphlets from the sky using the new Utility Drone, which can then be picked up and read by people on the ground. You can also apply your own leaflet designs to your own custom scenarios.
  • LOAC - New additions to the Field Manual cover the Laws of Armed Conflict, while small tweaks to the Arma 3 sandbox also improve the in-game representation of LOAC.

Supporting Content

  • Showcases IDAP & Laws of War - Two new individual scenarios offer an introduction to the DLC’s new faction and topic. In Showcase IDAP, you visit one of the organization’s open days on Altis. while in Showcase Laws of War you take part in an IDAP training course.
  • Additional IDAP Content - In support of their operations, IDAP has access to emergency and medical supplies, such as cardboard boxes, food sacks, water bottle packages, blankets, stretchers, IV bags, body bags, and more.
  • Cluster Bombs - Deploy three new faction-specific cluster munitions from aircraft, but also deal with unexploded ordnance that may be left behind afterwards.
  • Decorative Objects - On top of IDAP-specific props, several new decorative objects are available, including shelter tents, separate floor canvases, new furniture, an air-conditioning unit, and plastic net fences.
  • Official Soundtrack - Listen to new music tracks composed specifically for this DLC.
  • Steam Achievements - Unlock a set of extra Steam Achievements related to the new content.

Why do the characters in these games always have doofer names? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

All the Brits they hire, I would imagine.

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I don’t think you missed it Fridge. When they released the teaser for Jets they hinted at another DLC coming that they would reveal. It showed a design house in Amsterdam(?) as part of the tease. I honestly just assumed it was going to be Bicycles DLC with customizable components like handle bars and forks and tires. I don’t know, they showed a lot of bikes in the teaser.

This looks - umm…interesting? You play as a watchdog agency that tries to enforce the rules of war ? Ok. They have a time trial for the van? We’ll see. Maybe it will be a cool new game play thing but it really feels like this could have been gotten out of the workshop, no?

Can’t I just have PMC back?

As Nathan and beautiful journalist Katherine “Kat” Winterhouse, a graduate of the London School of Journalism with a PHD in investigative reporting as well as her masters in Sociology, delve deeper into the events in Oreokastro a budding romance develops. They soon discover that not all is as it seems and that both sides of the conflict have reasons to want Nathan and Kat’s inquiry to end. Now they are both on the run with a van, a few modern drones, and only themselves to trust.


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You mean the Hollywood producers :wink:

To bomb the baby milk factory or not bomb the baby milk factory.


Judging by their head of PR, their voice actors, and the demographics of their non-Czech employees… I’m gonna stick with the Brits.

  1. It’s not a war crime if you didn’t sign the treaty
  2. You can’t bomb anything when you’re still stuck in the hangar of that LHD.

I’m gonna need that lightsaber DLC to get out of that well deck…


I wonder if it’s included in the bundle?

That â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  well deck LOL.

10 years from now the hoary veterans of Mudspike will talk about how we played the third version of Arma on 2d screens and never got out of the well deck and still had a great time.

I know it vexes you everytime @near_blind but I submit that while it wasnt the best outcome, it was the legacy one.


That’d only semi-work in ArmA2. ArmA3 made sure to return to the land of the village people. Though you could do a same-gender romance, I guess…


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Oreokastro, named after the nation’s favorite cookie and dictator, lies in the heart of drama country. Kat will be voiced by Helen Mirren and Nathan will be voiced by Ricky Gervais. Because.

This is the previously teased Orange DLC, but I’m feeling definitively ambiguous about this one.


if you have the DLC bundle 2 … then yes its included

Eh. BI has a blank check from me for all they’ve done for Arma 3 so far, and I was rather impressed the last time they tried to swing for the fence narratively with the boot camp campaign. I’ll give it a shot.


Maybe if they got round to a civilian placement module and some female character models I’d part with my cash.

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To imply that you have the accuracy to make that choice is humanity’s folly at its height! :wink:

Thought I’d revive this one:

ArmA3 really needs a Man of La Mancha campaign/mission. I’d even do it, if there was enough interest!

There are, after all, tons of windmills on Altis!