Arma's new EDEN (3D) Editor

So I’ve had a go at working in the new Arma 3’s 3D editor, codenamed EDEN, to see if it is an improvement over the older, robust and simple to use 2D editor.

With the 3D editor, it is simple to align objects with an unparalleled precision. It is fast, no matter if you choose to approach building with copy and paste or just by simply dragging out the objects from the side panel.

It would take me a whole day just to align up walls for a square killhouse in the 2D editor.

Incidentally this took me an hour to do. With this new killhouse I can make a much more complex set of stage for people to train their breaching and clearing technique.

You might have already noticed the bend in the lower right corner. And you’d be right to notice.

Because this showcase a couple of things. This is what took me the longest to do. The EDEN editor is by no means finished and does have a few limitations. For now. And that is what I experienced here.

You can now flip objects over on the side, on its x and y axis, through an object’s property box. Unfortunately, any movement in the editor seems to cancel out the set properties value. And makes this for a much more frustrating trial and error way of building. Fortunately, they have talked about implementing native rotation widget in the editor for the full release.

But with a little patience, you can build your curved hallways, something you could not in the 2D editor.

The EDEN editor is a powerful improvement to Arma 3’s already established, easy to use 2D editor. It takes all that was good about the old editor and makes it 3D. I can’t wait to see what the Arma modding community will make with this.


Very nice - thanks for the write-up.

Does it come installed with base ARMA 3 or is it in the Tools via Steam etc?

It comes integrated with Arma 3. I forgot to add that everyone can test it now by opting into beta branch.

Can’t wait to play the Hadron Collider level…! :smiley:


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EDEN update is now live and everyone now has access to the EDEN editor. Enjoy :grinning:

And here is my ‘Kill House’ for those of you who are interested


I’m curious, can you use Arsenal in Eden to adjust the loadout of units like you can using Zeus? That would be fantastic.

I know you can set things up in Arsenal and then remove gear and load the Arsenal stuff. But I don’t remember how you do that anymore. Haven’t seen any arsenal integration in the editor tough, which is a shame

Not only did we finally get a 3D editor, the game sounds completely different now.

I recorded a small firefight that I set up in the editor in about 2min:


@Derbysieger That does sound much better. It sounds similar to what JSRS did a while back before it broke.


So yeah, the new editor is fun.

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I feel like all I’m doing these days is creating prepared defensive positions or office buildings.

Best thing ever happened to ArmA :smile:

Even with weapons that don’t really support the new audio (yet) it’s great:

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Very neat! Didn’t know the editor had updated like this!