Armored Vehicles videos thread

I am starting out with the Danish Army training with their brand new Leopard 2 A7


Happy Simming


Sierra hotel brother!


The thread me and my boy DESPERATELY need.

We always watch a “tank video” (this can mean anything with tracks) together before he goes to be bed when I’m at home.

Give me your best work

because the russians invented the tank. (well no they didn’t but if they could have, they would have, they sure do love 'em!)

This might not be about armoured vehicles, but it is about го́пник automechanical prowess and creativity, you and the little lad will get endless kicks out of it @Victork2:

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Top man!

PT Cruiser, best use for those things. Good work!

PT loser

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Get him into DCS: Combined Arms.

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We have been playing War Thunder. He likes it but its pretty bleak gameplay for me as I hate the grind.

I am seriously considering buying steel beasts pro PE (for me…)

You could also try World of Tanks, less grind, but other than that pretty much the same as War Thunder.

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That video of the T-90 in the mud pretty much describes the realities of military training…nothing goes according to plan, there is a lot of waiting around, expensive stuff gets bent and people are shooting guns out of boredom if they can get away with it. It also looks cold, wet and uncomfortable. A highly realistic documentary film.

Well, You have inspired my to pick up my related projects again.

I shot this yesterday after having worked on our Gunner simulator.

Hope that you are having a nice evening.

Video from the Sunday work at GHRVPK. Centurion brake test and tucking in a Leopard 1



That is awesome!! Thanks man. Obi will be so excited to see this when I get home Friday.

Workday 28/6-2020 at GHRVPK. To be seen: Leopard 1, M41 DK1, Centurion and Steel Beasts Pro PE simulator set up in a Leopard 1A3 procedures training turret. Warning! Loud at times.



I have just finished the first of my Åben Hede 2019 21-23/6 videos

A Yearly event where the Danish Army are showcasing their newest equipment and Historic vehicles are allowed to strut and show their stuff. Was cancelled 2020 due to Covid-19

Sunday 23/6-2019 Nyborg Fortress 18 pdr. Cannon and their Saluting guild.

Opening shot and Live Shot including procedures.



Hell. Yes.


More stuff for Victork2 and Obi

New Aaben Hede 2019 videos from me.

18 pdr. Short version

Gun zeroing. Centurion MK5/M2 DK and M41 DK1

Gun zeroing. Several types of Leopard 1 DK’s. Short version


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I wish you could see his face when he sees these videos. We always have a cuddle and watch a video before bed when I’m home and he watches in AWE at these.

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