Ars review for TM TPRs

Outstanding review over at Ars for the new Thrustmaster Pedals:

TLDR: Buy them if you don’t already own Slaws or MFGs. If you were eyeing up Slaws, buy these from amazon instead of waiting 6 months. If $500 is more than you can swing for a foot-based videogame controller (what are you, some kind of peasant?), buy MFGs.

My take: If these were on the market when I bought my MFGs, they might very well be under my desk instead. That said, there’s lots of other sim kit vying for $500 these days (VR headset? :slight_smile: ) so my MFGs (the 4th set ever built, thank you very much!) remain safe and cozy.

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I have been very happy with my MFG’s, which are probably going to be functional for many years. I used my CH Pro Pedals for about 15 years and they refused to die on me, so I ended up retiring them last year. If the same holds true for my MFG’s I will be into my 60’s before needing a replacement.

These TM pedals do sound great though.

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I can’t find a place in Canada that will ship 'em to me. Also $650 here, which is a fairly steep price.

Oh, this is dangerous. I think I need to be sent a review set, you know, to make sure they’ll fit in an Obutto.

EDIT: Dangit, he’s already all over that. Never mind…:sob:

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18 years for mine and still going strong…albeit a few coffee stains. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As a TM rudder pedal guy (the cheapie set who’s name I forget ATM), I’m jealous of you guys being able to use your CH sets for so long without issue. My right pedal gave up the ability to use toe brake about 3 months into owning them. Rather frustrating.

once my cheapo, well a hundred eurobucks is not exactly cheap but they feel cheap plasticy, saitek rudder set dies imma get me an MFG set, those look rad.

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Looks nice but the big question for me is if they would fit in my Obutto Ozone.

Don’t know if you noticed, but the article has a detailed drawing.


What would be essential are the most outward forward and backwards points that are covered by maximum rudder extension. The structure of the Obutto Ozone monitor stand tapers towards the top, so I am unsure if the TPR could extend fully while standing under it.

Ah, I see… The drawing says nothing about that.

Might want to take a look at this:

A good question. My problem is ending a seat that fits my “Butt-o Zone”. Evidently this zone expands as one gets older…it’s a physics thing.:astonished:

Long live the Slaw RX Viper master race.

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