Article idea

Hi, saw that Beach were looking for ideas for future articles, so thought I’d give some input.
When going through the NTTR procedures folder floating around, I wondered if making an article series, or maybe more like a tutorial series, about the various approach and departure procedures would be something for you guys?
Basically how to behave and fly in the NTTR airspace. I’ve dabbled a bit with this in civilian flightsims, but never gotten to the point of really, thoroughly, understanding and being able to fly the procedures.
But it seems to me, that with Nellis and a controlled complex of ranges and different airspaces in DCS, now might be a good time to get to the bottom of this. I know the Ai ATC isn’t up to the task right now, but maybe the comming improved ATC will help?


Great suggestion.

I’m personally hungry for as much reference data as we can get for NTTR. So far a couple of useful things I’ve found in that area are:

1 - A nice spot guide at the ED forums:

(You can just about make out the labels, with the full very large image at the link above)

2 - Airspace info (actually all sorts of info) via the Google Earth NTTR data add-in:

That has a lot of data to use.

3 - @bunyap2w1’s NTTR tour has been great for background info on the range and areas:

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