As the pages turn, eventually the story must end

Greetings, Mudspike!

I hope you are all having a fine day/night/evening/morning! As I write this, many of you in the USA are preparing for Thanksgiving, while those of you elsewhere in the world are preparing for fall (and I suppose those of you in the southern hemisphere are preparing for spring? Is that right?). I’m sure that plenty of places across our little world are at least getting some sunshine compared to my little corner of it.

Many of you have been asking me why my participation has been dwindling within our community; the explanation is that it’s complicated. It’s been a pretty chaotic year for all of us and there has no doubt been much going on in our lives. I’ve noticed that our activity in general has gone down a bit for a variety of reasons, no doubt due to that worldly chaos. I have the most absolute faith that we will persevere and move beyond it, even if we stumble along the way. For the past few months, I have been stumbling, mostly within my own mind, and it has made it difficult to stay on task with what is important to our community here. The gears that make up my little, pathetic brain don’t always work the best, thus my current very personal difficulties I am having with my membership here.

I have not spent much time on this earth, nor do I have an infinite amount of it, the same as most of the rest of you. That was one of the key drivers as to why after 6 years in Club Fed I called it quits; it made no sense to remain in a place where I felt my finite amount of time dwindle away as I descended into madness, even for a prestigious paycheck that many people would kill for. As a result, I never regretted leaving, spending the subsequent year with the last year that my mother would ever have. I’ve had people tell me I shouldn’t have quit, that I should have stayed; I tell them that I wouldn’t trade all the money in the world for that last bit of time I had with my mother. Most of them don’t understand, as they’re so entwined within the system that they cannot fathom a life beyond bureaucratic busy-work, all in pursuit of a retirement check that they may never get to enjoy. This leads to one of my most favorite quotes from The Matrix: “You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”

This leads to me. I am not one to blame others for my own faults and failings. I’ve seen it happen so many times, where people blame something else for the course of action they chose. My solution has always been rigorous self-analysis, looking within to find the problem. I have spent the past few months doing so, but have yet to come up with an answer. It is for this reason that I must announce my current departure from Mudspike, as much as it pains me to do so.

I do not make this decision lightly, as it is something I have tried to analyze for some time now, but I feel I require much more time to make sense of it. There is a temptation there to participate, yet I hold myself back because that analysis has not completed yet, and I fear doing so may cause unwanted repercussions. As I greatly value all of you, this community and its members, than to risk fragmenting it due to aspects of my own character that I loathe, I must depart to conquer myself so that I hopefully may return divorced of these aspects of my own character.

I will note that this is not the total end of all of my participation outside of Mudspike – those of you who use Discord are still welcome to catch up with me as needed, though I may be delayed in responses – as I have some knowledge I would like to collect and make available, ie DCS mission design and scripting, but it will take some time before any of that is ready and for obvious reasons I cannot put full focus into it.

In closing, I will always see Mudspike as a refuge with a welcoming and open community, filled with many knowledgeable members of many diverse backgrounds. I am proud to call you friends and hope that some day, I can return with a clear conscience.


I hope you will, and wish you well on your way there and back again. There’s many a lesson in BFM you still have left to teach me :wink:

Thank you for your input in this community. It has always been invaluable. I think I can safely speak for all of us that there will always be a place for you here. Brother.


Thank you for your participation and friendship here Franze. You’ve been very helpful to so many members of the community and yours will be a profound absence. I hope we meet again and that that date is not in the distant future. Wherever you venture, you are always welcome here among this diverse community. We aren’t perfect, but we are a family.


I wish you all the best! :slight_smile:


The door will remain open for you my friend. We are family and we always will be here if you need us. Please don’t be afraid to reach out if you need us. I wish you all the happiness you deserve and I genuinely hope you will stay in touch even if only infrequently so we know you are alive and well. Its been great fun getting to know you.

Take care and look after yourself, brother


Thanks a lot for all the time you spent on here, @Franze. I always enjoyed reading your insights and opinions. I also really enjoyed many of the missions that came from your hand.

I think you’ve made wise choices in the past. Many times did I look into sapped eyes of middle-aged people stuck in a job they loathed but helped kept the lights on, paid the mortgage or allowed for seaside- or mountain trips every few weekends. The kind of people that have a calendar in their locker to count down to their retirement. I’m happy to hear you’re not going down that path.

It’s great to see so much self-reflection in a person. I hope you’ll find the improvements you think you’ll need. I just wanted to pass along that sometimes, Il meglio è l’inimico del bene. Perfection is the enemy of good enough. I hope your next steps in life will take you where you want to be! All the best!


Take care Franze! See you soon :slight_smile:


Hi Franze,

All the best for your hiatus. Thank you for all your help and friendship and the valuable advice you’ve provided for this community. I’ve really enjoyed the occasional Hollo Pointe sessions we’ve had together.

See you soon, I hope - all the best with everything in the meantime!

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Take care Franze, we all have our own paths to take. I hope everything goes well for you.

Cheers, John

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Godspeed, Franze.

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Take care, I wish you all the best. :+1:

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I hope you find what you’re looking for Franze. Take care. You know where to find us.


Best of luck going forward Franze. Sorry to see you go, but the door is always open here. Hope you drop by occasionally to say hi.


Good luck with all future endeavours, hope all goes well


You have to do what you think is right in all aspects of life. Best of luck to you and thanks for your friendship and support, don’t be a stranger :smirk:


@Franze hope you stay in touch and I hope I see you fly again. You are a real good guy and great pilot. Go forward and find happiness. See you around.

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I’m a few days late, as usual.

If you are still checking this @Franze, I am sorry to see you go. You are one of the most talented flight sim developer I know. I will miss out technical deep dives that usually leave me gasping for air, but always teach me something new and valuable.

Fair winds and following seas my friend.


Best of luck @Franze. Didn’t have the pleasure of flying online with you, but always enjoyed reading your posts, some of them displaying a dry sense of humor. Happy trails dude.

FWIW, I wish folks would not think of taking long breaks, which we undoubtedly all occasionally need, as necessitating permanence. Rather, I’d like to think, and you know that coming from me that it won’t have much depth, that part of the benefit of belonging to the male gender is not getting offended if I don’t hear from or see friends for an extended period. It’s refreshing not to have to send all of those cards and emails, knowing that if I run into a friend that I haven’t seen in perhaps a decade, that we could sit down with a beer, cup of coffee, or tea, and within a few minutes, that time would quickly fade and the reasons that I enjoyed the friendship previously will be quite evident. Nothing more expected or demanded.


This is very true. I moved countries as an adult, so I only see most of my closest friends once every few years. I used to be worried about those friendships going away. Those worries were proven unfounded - and it gives me huge relief that it is so. Now I just book a ticket to Finland every few years / when time allows, I let my friends know, we go for a beer and it’s like a day hasn’t passed.

I reckon the same applies here. Of course, it is polite to let people know so we don’t worry.