Asgard's Wrath 2: The First Preview

Looks good! Nice showcase for the new headset, it seems.

Hmmmmm… Seems there is no interest?

But just for those who didn’t know, while we wait for the Asgards Wrath 2 release, you will find that in your Oculus account, Asgards Wrath 1 is also released to you for free, and is available for download.

I got the AW bundle with my Q3, and was interested to check it out not knowing anything about the game/series beforehand. I did install AW1 and played it for about 10 minutes, but determined it wasn’t quite my kind of game. Not knocking it at all, but the type of fantasy story wasn’t my thing and the sword-fighting mechanics seemed a bit underwhelming.

I did watch the preview video you posted and it sorta struck me as not my cup of tea either. Glad it’s coming out for folks that are into it though. Do let us know when it comes out what your thoughts are, and maybe my opinion will sway, I’m not trying to come across as closed minded.

I really enjoyed Boneworks, Blade & Sorcery (more the blade part, not the sorcery), and am enjoying Bonelabs on Q3 standalone. The type of VR mechanics (weapon not tied to the hand, able to drop things, more ‘real world’ mechanics in terms of how stuff works) really excite me and make gameplay really enjoyable personally.

I thoroughly enjoyed the worldbuilding and story of HL:A (except ******* Jeff! Seriously, F that guy!), but was disappointed by the VR mechanics. The game seemed like it was designed 5-10 years ago in terms of how player movement (teleport default, slow walking speed otherwise, gun tied to the hand) was done.

Off-topic, but discussing VR mechanics:
The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners sets a gold standard in how inventory (the backpack you physically grab off your back is genius!) and melee weapons should be done in VR, IMO. The gunplay is good, but not as great as Boneworks/Bonelabs (unable to rack the slide and unchamber a round, but everything else is okay). The main thing they accomplished is they mixed just the right amount of physics with animations to make things feel ‘right’. Boneworks is 100% physics, so if the sword/knife is not exactly lined up just right it will fail to stab and just slide off. It makes swordplay frustrating and unsatisfying. Blade & Sorcery does it better, but still takes effort to get it just right.

TWD:S&S mixes your physical inputs and interprets them into an animation system that makes stabbings and swordplay much more satisfying while still being challenging to be perfect. Not frustrating, which makes it fun. If you haven’t, I’d suggest trying it out.

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Which is why I was not that interested in it, as it seemed more like a physics tech demo to me; and plus it was a bit too “realistic” when I am more drawn to high-fantasy.

Seems like we might be polar opposites on this.

I wonder if you would like Skyrim (VR) but suspect if you are more into modernity, it might not be yur cup of tea.

Interestingly enough, Starfield now has a VR mod…

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BW is definitely a tech demo, not a story-based game. The story is fine, it’s interesting, but it’s just a vehicle for the physics engine, agreed. It being too ‘realistic’, even to the point that NPC characters are totally physics-based in their movements (why they trip over a pencil, for example) is one of my beefs, and something TWD:S&S got right comparatively speaking.

Not necessarily: I like medieval stuff (huge fan of watching Lindybeige videos), and love Tolkien-style fantasy. Also thoroughly enjoy thrashing folks in Blade & Sorcery with various weapons (spear is best!), and would love to see a story-based campaign for that game.

I think I would love Skyrim VR, and do want to try it out someday.
The story as I understand it is epic, and I’ve played the Elder Scrolls Morrowind/Oblivion and liked them. I also enjoyed Fallout 4 VR quite a bit, inventory/weapons handling aside.

In Skyrim VR, are the weapons ‘glued’ to your hand, or is it a grip/drop type system? Something about having to select a weapon with a button in VR just kinda throws me off personally, which I disliked about HL:A.

The weapon appears in your hand and is indeed “Glued”.

Also there is obviously no sense of impact or weight when swinging wildly, and never will be until we get holodecks, probably.

Which is why in Skyrim I chose mage/spellcasting characters, because tossing a fireball works perfectly in vr without breaking immersion.

Add in a few zillion mods and you can literally wander around in there for years, which is what I suspect will also happen with Starfield, eventually.

Right now I am using a Skyrim Wabbajack mod list called “Skyrim Minimalistic Overhaul”.

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