Assembly of winWing Orion2 throttle handles

When you assemble the throttle handles on the Orion2 hotas they have a flat plastic spacer on the mounting surface, The instructions don’t even mention it…does anyone know what they are and if you have to. use them?? The fit seems better without them… and there is only 1 anyway…what is the story with them? I would guess that you don’t use them but who knows,

I think I assembled mine without the spacer, it’s been a while though.

This is with the Hornet grips, yes?

as it turns out you do need the spacer …when you screw on the cable to the bigger half…unless you use the spacer its hard to even turn the ring…I suppose you could force it but not a good idea when its shipped from China. I wasn’t expecting my shipment to get here for a couple weeks because of the new covid stuff that Winwing warned about on their website. They didn’t even email me with tracking number…
but it showed up anyway today about 9 days after ordering. Nice.

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Do you have a picture of the spacer?

This is how mine looks and I don’t recall installing a spacer?

I have the Orion 1 so I think it was different then. No lift handles, I have metal detents in the axes where AB kicks in.

most people skip the spacers…but if I didn’t use it then when I tightened the collar I would be scraping the
plastic piece next to it… no big deal…
these components are heavier than I thought they would be… might have to go with beefier desk mounts someday… btw. can I turn off the backlight LEDs on the throttle???

here are my wooden slide into place jigs …beats paying 100 bucks for the metal ones…

…they pin into place when they are in play position and when slid out of the way position with a dowel pin. Wouldn’t want them to fall off the desk which is an old cheap door…


For @Troll, this latest post by @90iu makes me think we should start a “How I Mounted my Controllers” thread.

You all may remember my Lowes bucket mount for my Warthog stick. That has been retired, replaced by metal stereo speaker floor mounts and clamps.

P.S. Til Sags, to Lowes blå bøtter.


That would be cool. I have Foxx Mounts but because my desk has a beveled trim, I had to come up with a solution to keep my HOTAS from tilting and falling. My solution is rather simple; some 1X2 wood strips cut to size. They sit between the mounts and the back of my desk. The weight of the mounts keeps everything in place. I’d definitely like to see other people’s solutions.

I would like to figure out a rail system so I can swap between my Warthog and WinWing F-16 throttles when I switch aircraft.

Elegant solution to a common problem. Well done that man :slight_smile:

As a new retiree who is about to embark on building his first sim pit, all I can say is ‘You guys are source of endless inspiration’.


A door? Think I’ve seen everything used for a setup now.

Wait, still haven’t seen a bathtub yet.