Astronomy shots

Rather than clutter up the Where You Are Photos topic, I figured it was probably best to start a seperate thread. Please consider it open for all to post their night sky photos/images regardless of equipment used.

To kick things off…

The Elephant’s Trunk, part of the nebula IC1396 in the constellation Cephus. This target needs a lot more exposure time, but considering I was learning new software and equipment, I’ll take it.

Posted previously, M27 - The Dumbbell Nebula found in the constellation Vulpecula…

This is the Milkyway taken with my iPhone 11 Pro using the night mode… You can see the constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpius, so this is looking directly towards the galaxy’s core.


I took this tonight.

Not bad for a phone (Samsung Galaxy S23)

30s at ISO1600.

I also took one with the ultra wide camera but for some reason it is purple. And since I used a footstool as the mount I could only shoot straight up.


That is very impressive for a phone shot.

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I have been trying out a piece of image processing software called PixInsight. It’s not cheap, but it can do some clever things to get the best out of your images. Combined with some payware plugin’s it is quite remarkable how it can eliminate background noise and sharpen detail. I might have to get my wallet out once the trial period is over.


The same image processed with PixInsight

M16 ‘The Eagle Nebula’ taken with my old monochrome camera back in 2017, reprocessed with PixInsight.


the three shots from your first post are like:

" first is juicy steak, second here are bbq ribs … and this third one is hot dog, you can see onions and mustard, so then with sausage right in the core "


disclaimer: joke above doesnt work for hot dog lovers

great shots btw :slight_smile:

Another from 2017, reprocessed with PixInsight… M17, the Swan Nebula.


Last shot until I have some new objects to show you. This is the M27 image, reprocessed with PixInsight.


I dug up another image from a few years ago and gave it the PixInsight treatment…

M42: The Orion Nebula…

M42 is surprisingly tough to process if you don’t want to blow out the core.